When Will The Bear Season 3 Release? Latest Update Points to Premiere Window

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A new report seemingly revealed when The Bear Season 3 will finally be released. 

The hit FX series - which finished its Season 2 run earlier in 2023 - was one of the most celebrated TV projects of the last 12 months. Season 2 averaged a stellar 99% Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes, and it earned awards consideration on both an acting and directing front. 

That is why it made sense when the network renewed Jeremy Allen White’s culinary epic for an eventual Season 3. 

When Will The Bear Season 3 Release?

Jeremy Allen White smoking in The Bear

Recently revealed information has seemingly hinted at when The Bear Season 3 will premiere on FX (and Hulu).

According to Deadline, the hit Chicago-based drama will start filming in late February or early March, which could indicate Season 3 may be closer than some thought. 

Season 1 (eight episodes) started filming in mid-late February 2022 and was released mere months later in late June 2022. 

The same production schedule was used for Season 2 (10 episodes), which kicked off principal photography in February 2023 and premiered in June 2023. 

That means if The Bear gets back in front of cameras by early March, fans could see the series hit FX and Hulu as soon as Summer 2024. 

However, that date could move slightly as it is currently unknown how many episodes The Bear Season 3 will consist of. But if it sits around that 10-episode mark set by the last season, then the best bet is that it'll be released at some point in July.

What To Expect in Season 3 of The Bear

After The Bear Season 2’s dramatic ending, it will be reassuring for fans to hear the wait will not be long for the series' eventual Season 3. 

But it remains a mystery just where the hit FX show will go with its next dinner order of episodes. 

Season 2 upped the ante for the Emmy-nominated series, providing a thrilling narrative that was packed full of celebrity guest stars (i.e. Will Poulter, Jamie Lee Curtis, Bob Odenkirk, etc).

Speaking in the same Deadline report that revealed filming information for the series, White remarked he is hopeful they can keep that precedent up for the incoming Season 3 and they "can get as many [guest stars] to come back for one day."

As for where the story goes specifically with White's Carmy and the rest of the Original Beef of Chicagoland staff, the last audiences saw the restaurant was finally running like a well-oiled machine, aside from White's head chef that is. 

Season 2 closed with White's Carmy stuck in a walk-in freezer turning everyone he loves away in the process. 

Surely, Season 3 will see the character dealing with the fallout from his dramatic finale meltdown, hopefully reconciling with those he pushed out, including his new girlfriend Claire. 

One direction the series likely will not go would be including a potential romance between White's Carmy and Ayo Edebiri's Sydney. According to Edebiri, that "really [is] not [in their] thought process when [they’re] making the show." 

So those Carmy-Syd shippers may be disappointed yet again. 

The Bear’s first two seasons are streaming now on Hulu.

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