The Bear Actress Shares Frustrations Over Fans' Romance Demands

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The Bear actress Ayo Edebiri shared an honest response regarding fans' demand for a potential romance between her character, Sydney, and Jeremy Allen White's Carmy. 

Season 1 of the hit Hulu series ended with Sydney and Carmy's business partnership coming to fruition, and that dynamic carried over into the show's sophomore run. This led to some fans wishing for the pair to finally be together as a couple at some point. 

In August 2023, The Bear showrunner Joanna Calo even told The Hollywood Reporter (THR) that she was "tempted" to have Carmy and Sydney hook up before the series creator Christopher Storer shot down the idea: 

"It really surprised me. And I will say, at one point, very early on, I was like, 'Maybe they do hook up.' And Chris was like, 'No!' (Laughs.) And he was totally right, but I think what I was getting at was that these relationships are complicated."

The Bear Star on Sydney-Carmy Romance Idea

The Bear Sydney and Carmy cooking together

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter (THR) that took place prior to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, The Bear actress Ayo Edebiri called it "frustrating" to see fans wishing for a possible romance between Carmy and Sydney, although she is grateful for the support: 

“It’s really not our thought process when we’re making the show, and I understand it can be part of a show’s culture — but I don’t think they’re going to get what they want.” 

The clamor mostly came from diehard fans of the show on Twitter who appear to have pledged their support for the Carmy-Sydney pairing. 

Molly Gordon, who plays Claire (Carmy's old friend) in the show, reflected on the fans' campaign for a potential romantic angle for The Bear's two main protagonists. 

The actress believed that the "shipper theories" are proof of the hard work from Jeremy Allen White, Edebiri, and series creator Christopher Storer, describing the main pair's dynamic as something that "feels charged and sexy:"

“I think it’s incredibly cool to have this dynamic onscreen that isn’t romantic, but that feels charged and sexy.” 

Why a Carmy & Sydney Romance Isn’t Necessary

Carmy and Sydney's dynamic in The Bear was fueled by their passion for their restaurant, and it grew even further in Season 2. 

While it's understandable that fans were campaigning for the pair to potentially kiss and be together, the show made it clear that Carmy and Sydney's partnership is purely professional. 

In Season 2, the show's main duo wanted to establish a partnership that is anchored by trust, thus explaining why there were scenes that featured them teasing each other, telling secrets, and (of course) cooking together. 

It's understandable that Ayo Edibiri was frustrated with the clamor from fans about a possible romance, considering that it was not the true endgame of what The Bear is trying to fulfill. 

In fact, a love angle involving the two characters would be deemed as a cliché or a lazy gimmick as it completely negates The Bear's message of seeing two members of the opposite sex work harmoniously while still maintaining their friendship and not opting toward romance.

Given that the Season 2 finale ended by leaving Carmy and Sydney's partnership in shambles, The Bear Season 3 (if the show is renewed) is expected to further reveal how the pair's relationship will evolve while still exploring each of the characters' individual growth.

The first two seasons of The Bear are streaming on Hulu.

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