The Bear Season 3 Gets Official Release Update

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Jeremy Allen White in The Bear Season 2

An international Disney+ page has seemingly revealed when The Bear Season 3 will be released. 

FX's award-winning Chicago-based comedy has proven to be a massive hit, telling the story of Jeremy Allen White's Carmy: a renowned chef who returns home to operate his family's mom-and-pop restaurant. 

Following a critically acclaimed Season 1, The Bear Season 2 wasted no time sweeping audiences off their feet yet again. The second batch of episodes earned a stellar 99% on Rotten Tomatoes with White and his co-star Ayo Edebiri netting Golden Globe wins for their work on the show. 

When Will The Bear Season 3 Release?

The Bear show poster

The Bear Season 3 was given an official release window thanks to a new post from the Disney+ UK Instagram page. 

 As posted on @DisneyPlusUK, the international streaming home of the FX series, The Bear was listed in the service's 2024 lineup alongside Marvel Studios' Echo and Star Wars' The Acolyte

While no specific release timing was given for the culinary thriller, this 2024 timing seems to be in line with previous reports. 

According to a December 2023 report from Deadline, The Bear Season 3 will start filming in late February or early March. 

Season 2 kicked off production in February 2023, and was released mere months later in June 2023, so Season 3 could line up with a similar schedule. 

If production lasts around as long as the previous two seasons (which both premiered in June of their respective release years), one can assume the series will return to FX and Hulu sometime this summer. 

What Will Happen in The Bear Season 3?

There is still no knowing exactly where The Bear Season 3 will go with its Chicago-based narrative, but Season 2 has laid plenty of seeds for the series' creative to pick up on in the show's next course. 

After struggling to keep his family's Italian beef restaurant afloat in the first two seasons, the end of Season 2 saw Jeremy Allen White's Carmy finally revitalize the business. 

This revamp finally has the business in an exciting new place, with a solid outlook for the future - something audiences had not yet seen thus far in the series. 

So, following a successful launch to close Season 2, Season 3 will likely focus on what comes next for Chicago's newest hot dining spot.

However, while the family business is in a better place than it has been in years, Season 2's finale also saw Carmy unravel after years of overwork, grief, and focusing on others over himself.

Shutting everyone out, including a potential new romantic partner Claire who was helping to pull him out of his longstanding depression, Carmy will have to rebuild these relationships following his locked-in-a-deep-freeze meltdown in the Season 2 finale.

While the likes of Ayo Edebiri's Sydney and Ebon Moss-Bachrach's Richie may be quicker to forgive, Molly Gordon's Claire - who had just reentered Carmy's life and was starting to date the young chef - may be harder to convince.

Hopefully, this is rock bottom for Carmy's mental state, and he can start to put the pieces back together in Season 3 and set himself up for success, the way he has done for everyone else in Seasons 1 and 2.

The Bear Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming now on Hulu.

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