The Bear Season 3 Release Date Schedule & Titles of Episodes Revealed

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The Bear

In anticipation of The Bear Season 3, the exact release schedule and titles for the upcoming episodes was confirmed.

FX's award-winning dramedy, centered on an upstart restaurant trying to make it against all odds in downtown Chicago, is set to return to Hulu in the coming weeks. 

This time, the series will focus on its complicated and lovable cast of characters (headlined by Jeremy Allen White and Ayo Edebiri) as they flip from serving Italian beef sandwiches at a hole in the wall to trying to build Chicago's next prestige fine dining establishment.

The Bear Season 3 Episode Release Date, Titles Confirmed

The Bear Season 3
The Bear

A recent listing revealed when The Bear Season 3 will be released on Hulu as well as the titles and descriptions for each episode. 

According to The Futon Critic, all 10 episodes of the kitchen-based dramedy will drop on Hulu on Thursday, June 27, 2024, at midnight. ET. 

This release strategy is similar to the first and second seasons, which were released in their entirety on the streaming platform on June 23, 2022 and June 22, 2023, respectively. 

Along with the exact release times came specific titles and brief synopses for each episode, along with additional details like who will be directing:

  • Episode 1 ("Tomorrow") - The next day and the days that led to it.
  • Episode 2 ("Next") - Carmy sets a new standard. 
  • Episode 3 ("Doors") - The staff slogs through a month of service.
  • Episode 4 ("Violet") - Sydney gets a new apartment. Marcus finds inspiration.
  • Episode 5 ("Children") - The Computer gives The Bear its odds.
  • Episode 6 ("Napkins") - Tina looks for a new opportunity.
  • Episode 7 ("Legacy") - The restaurant is out of C-Folds. Sydney is presented with an opportunity.
  • Episode 8 ("Ice Chips") - Sugar finds support in an unexpected place.
  • Episode 9 ("Apologies") - Carmy thinks about apologizing.
  • Episode 10 ("Forever") - Another funeral.

Season 3's directors include series creator Christopher Storer (Episodes 1, 2, 4, 5, 9, and 10), Duccio Fabbri (Episode 3), and Joanna Calo (Episode 7), Notably, star Ayo Edbiri (Episode 6) will also make her directorial debut.

What To Make of The Bear's Season 3's Episodes?

While looking at these episode titles and descriptions for The Bear Season 3 might look like an undiscernible list at first blush, there are a few small details fans might be able to glean from them.

Judging from this new info (and the series' marketing to this point), The Bear Season 3 will at least start by focusing on the opening of The Bear restaurant. 

Season 2 proved the series' central band of kitchen staff could flip the switch from slinging greasy beef sandwiches to cooking some of Chicago's finest haute cuisine. 

Season 3, will now turn the page over to running the restaurant after opening to the public properly. 

While things may be running smoothly at the restaurant (at least as smoothly as something in the ever-panicked universe of The Bear can), it will be the interpersonal relationships between its staff that will be the focus here. 

What happens when these friends, family, and coworkers do when they finally find the success they have been craving? Do things go swimmingly? Or will they be back at each other's throats? 

Judging from descriptions for episodes like "Doors" (Episode 3) and "Children" (Episode 5), it seems like it will be that latter, as the hiccups of running a business continue to present itself. 

The most interesting nugget to pull from these titles comes with Episode 10. Titled "Legacy" the Season 3 finale is said to be focused on "another funeral."

The only funeral mentioned in the series thus far has been that of Jon Bernthal's Michael Berzatto, who died before the events of Season 1. 

There is a chance this Episode 10 tease could hint at a flashback episode jumping back and forth between Michael's death and present-day drama happening within The Bear restaurant.

Jeremy Allen White's Carmi wanted to take over the series' central restaurant in the first place to honor his brother following his death, so it could make sense for the finale to take on such an emotional moment for him and the rest of the Berzatto clan, especially in an episode titled "Legacy."

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The Bear Season 3 debuts on Thursday, June 27. 

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