Death and Other Details Season 2 Gets Hopeful Update from Showrunner

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Violett Beane as Imogene, Mandy Patinkin as Rufus Cotesworth

Death and Other Details showrunner Mike Weiss teased what to expect in a potential Season 2.

The hit murder mystery series from Hulu only has two episodes left to uncover the truth behind the identity of a prime suspect who is using the alias, Viktor Sams

The eight-episode Season 1 seems poised to reveal the true culprit, meaning that a possible second season could start fresh with a whole new mystery. 

What's Next for Death and Other Details in Potential Season 2?

Death and Other Details

In an interview with Deepest Dream earlier this year, Death and Other Details showrunner Mike Weiss shared his hopes for Season 2. 

Weiss talked about a possible second season, teasing that they might "borrow more from different elements of the genre" if the show is renewed: 

"We've often talked about how, if we get– if we're lucky enough to do more seasons, we might kind of borrow more from different elements of the genre to tell our story. But I think Agatha Christie is really the main reference for what we did this year."

Weiss was also asked about which shows they recommend viewers to watch as a companion to Death and Other Details to which the showrunner responded by saying that Season 1 was inspired by the "classical golden age of detective fiction," referencing the work of renowned novelist Agatha Christie: 

"I mean, we always talk about Agatha Christie being brought into the year 2024. I think that in Season 1, we were definitely focused on that classical golden age of detective fiction being our guiding light."

In a separate interview with LRM Online, Death and Other Details co-showrunner Heidi Cole McAdams assured fans that the truth behind Viktor Sams' identity will be answered by the end of Season 1 before teasing that they "set [themselves] up to be able to tell many more seasons of this story:"

"We are going to solve the mystery of this season by the end of this season, so you will not have to wait for Season 2 to know who killed the person who dies in the pilot. That said, we have set ourselves up to be able to tell many more seasons of this story if people watch it... and like our show, we would love to make more."

What To Expect in Death and Other Details Season 2

The assurance of Death and Other Details showrunner Heidi Cole McAdams that the identity of Viktor Sams will be revealed by the end of Season 1 is a promising update since fans will not be treated to a cliffhanger in the finale. 

McAdams' statement also sets up the idea that a new killer and group of characters will take center stage in Season 2 while retaining core cast members like Violett Beane's Imogene and Mandy Patinkin's Rufus Cotesworth. 

The pair's strong dynamic serves as one of the bright spots of Season 1, and bringing them back is expected to please diehard viewers of the show. 

Other characters that could come back (if they survive in the final two episodes) are Angela Zhou's Teddy Goh and Pardis Saremi's Leila. 

The pair have closely investigated Viktor Sams alongside Cotesworth and Imogene in Season 1, and they could serve as notable allies who can help in a future case. 

As for the potential setting of Season 2, Death and Other Details could explore a brand new location outside of SS Varuna (the ship) since it would allow the characters to not be contained in a single place.

Death and Other Details is streaming on Hulu. 

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