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Death and Other Details is Hulu's new murder mystery series where Mandy Patinkin's detective, Rufus Coteworth, takes the spotlight. 

The series tackles the story of how a young woman named Imogene Scott (Violett Beane) is accused of a murder that she didn't commit. As a result, Scott needs to team up with Coteworth (Patinkin) to unravel the truth behind the crime. 

Death and Other Details premiered on Hulu on January 16. 

Every Main Cast Member of Death and Other Details 

Mandy Patinkin - Rufus Coteworth

Mandy Patinkin as Rufus Coteworth
Mandy Patinkin

Mandy Patinkin plays Rufus Coteworth, aka the world's greatest detective. 

While Coteworth is a master in analyzing cases and finding the real suspect, the viewers meet the detective in Death and Other Details as a struggling man trying to find his place in the world. 

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly in November 2023, showrunners Mike Weiss and Heidi Cole McAdam teased what to expect from Coteworth in the series, noting that "he is constantly amazed by his own brilliance:"

"Rufus tells us, at the very beginning of our story, to pay attention. Details matter. Rufus can take a single thread found at a crime scene and tell you where it was woven, and when, and who it belonged to. He is constantly amazed by his own brilliance. In that way, he is not unlike Poirot, Holmes, or other masterful detectives who came before him."

Patinkin's most recognizable role is playing Saul Berenson in Homeland. The actor's other notable roles include The Princess Bride, Alien Nation, and Dick Tracy.

Violett Beane - Imogene Scott

Violett Beane as Imogene Scott
Violett Beane

Violett Beane joins the cast of Death and Other Details as Imogene Scott. 

Imogene is at the wrong place at the wrong time as she becomes a prime suspect in the murder that took place in an ocean liner named SS Varuna, but the twist is she didn't commit it. 

She's simply a petty thief who wants to earn some loot while aboard the ship, but things go from bad to worse due to the murder. 

Arrowverse fans may recognize Beane for her portrayal of Jesse Quick in CW's The Flash. The actress also appeared in Truth or Dare, God Friended Me, and The Resident.

Linda Emond - Agent Hilde Eriksen

Linda Emond as Agent Hilde Eriksen
Linda Emond

Agent Hilde Eriksen is an official from Interpol assigned to investigate the murder mystery in SS Varuna. Linda Emond plays the character. 

This isn't the first time that Emond is involved in a murder mystery series since she recently appeared in Only Murders in the Building as Donna DeMeo (who coincidentally is the main suspect in Season 3). 

Emond's past notable credits include Succession, Lodge 49, and Julie & Julia.

Jayne Atkinson - Katherine Collier

Jayne Atkinson as Katherine Collier
Jayne Atkinson

Jayne Atkinson brings Katherine Collier to life in Death and Other Details. She is Lawrence Collier's wife and Anna's mother.

Atkinson is known for her role as Karen Hayes in the 24 series. The actress has credits in The Village, House of Cards, and Free Willy.

Michael Gladis - Keith Trubitsky

Michael Gladis as Keith Trubitsky
Michael Gladis 

Keith Trubitsky (played by Michael Gladis) is at the center of the mystery since he is the one who an unknown murderer killed. 

Trubitsky is an annoying little prick who bad-mouths the waitress on the ocean liner.  

Imogene decides to get even by stealing something from him, but she is caught by the cameras leaving his room; this is why she becomes the prime suspect. 

Gladis has an impressive resume of credits. The actor played Paul Kinsey in Mad Men, Patrick Woichik in Feed the Beast, and Charles Townsend in Penny Dreadful: City of Angels.

Lauren Patten - Anna Collier

Lauren Patten as Anna Collier
Lauren Patten

Lauren Patten's Anna Collier is the next in line as CEO of Collier's enterprise. She is also Imogene's childhood friend. 

Patten is known for her roles in Succession, Blue Bloods, and The Good Fight.

David Marshall Grant - Lawrence Collier

David Marshall Grant as Lawrence Collier
David Marshall Grant

Lawrence Collier (played by David Marshall Grant) is Katherine's husband who gets questioned by Rufus Coteworth. He is the one of the VIPs aboard the SS Varuna.

Grant's notable roles include The Devil Wears Prada, Forever Young, and Air America

Christian Svensson - Andreas Windeler

Christian Svensson as Andreas Windeler
Christian Svensson

Christian Svensson joins the cast of Death and Other Details as Andreas Windeler.

Svensson previously appeared in Quarantine, 24, and Cold Case.

Hugo Diego Garcia - Jules

Hugo Diego Garcia as Jules
Hugo Diego Garcia

Hugo Diego Garcia's Jules is the loyal assistant of the head of the ship, Teddy Goh. 

Garcia is a French actor known for his roles in Sentinelles and Touchées

Angela Zhou - Teddy

Angela Zhou  as Teddy
Angela Zhou 

Teddy Goh (played by Angela Zhou) is the ship's leader who informs everyone about Keith Trubitsky's murder. She also introduces Rufus Coteworth to the passengers and crew involved. 

Zhou previously appeared as Dr. Grace Parker in CW's Supergirl. The actress' other credits include Promising Young Woman, Hell on Wheels, and Stitchers.

Rahul Kohli - Sunil

Rahul Kohli as Sunil
Rahul Kohli

Rahul Kohli's Sunil is Imogene's surprising ally and partner (and potential romantic interest) amid the chaos inside SS Varuna. 

Sunil works with Imogene and Coteworth to learn more about the truth behind the murder. 

iZombie fans may recognize Kohli for his role as Ravi Chakrabarti. The actor is also known for The Fall of the House Usher, Happy Anniversary, and Next Exit.

Annie Q. Riegel - Winnie Goh

Annie Q. Riegel as Winnie Goh
Annie Q. Riegel

Annie Q. Riegel joins the cast of Death and Other Details as Winnie Goh.

Winnie is Teddy's sister who works at the SS Varuna and is the waitress Keith shouts at hours before his death. 

Riegel has many notable roles, which include appearances in The Leftovers, Kung Fu, Into the Dark, and Alex Strangelove.

Pardis Saremi - Leila

Pardis Seremi as Leila
Pardis Saremi

Pardis Saremi plays Leila, one of Imogene Scott's friends and Anna's wife who joins her on the SS Varuna for a short vacation. 

Seremi is a rising star known for her roles in Hell of a Summer and The Pom Pom Murders.

Sofia Rosinsky - Yeva

Sofia Rosinsky as Yeva
Sofia Rosinsky

Sofia Rosinsky brings Yeva to life in Death and Other Details

Rosinsky's most recognizable roles are playing Mac Coyle in Paper Girls, Tonya in Young Sheldon, and Zora Morris in Fast Layne.

Danny Johnson - Father Toby

Danny Johnson as Father Toby
Danny Johnson

Father Toby (played by Danny Johnson) is a priest aboard the SS Varuna who denies that he is involved with the murder.

During Rufus Coteworth's questioning, Father Toby claims that he hadn't spoken with Keith before his death. 

Johnson previously appeared in the Defenders projects as Benjamin Donovan, notably during Daredevil and Luke Cage.

The actor has over 40 credits, with roles in The Equalizer TV series, Pose, and Bluff City Law.

Cici Lau - Hua

Cici Lau  as Hua
Cici Lau 

Cici Lau plays Hua, a member of housekeeping aboard the SS Varuna who Rufus Coteworth also questions. 

Lau is known for her past appearances in Babylon, Ambulance, and Paper Tiger.

Tamberla Perry - Alexandra Hochenberg

Tamberla Perry  as Alexandra Hochenberg
Tamberla Perry 

Tamberla Perry's Alexandra Hochenberg is a governor enjoying her vacation aboard the ocean liner but is later questioned by Coteworth for her potential murder of Keith. 

Hochenberg describes Keith as a "buffoon" during her conversation with the detective.

Perry's notable credits include They Cloned Tyrone, APB, and Boss.

Karoline - Eleanor Chun

Karoline as Eleanor Chun

Karoline's Eleanor Chun is with her grandmother during the murder mystery at the SS Varuna cruise. She's also one of the passengers who gets questioned during the investigation.

The actress is known for her roles in WeCrashed, Dead Ringers, and Evil.

Death and Other Details is now streaming on Hulu.

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