The Bad Batch Season 3 Releases First Official Clip

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Bad Batch

Before the fan-favorite Bad Batch series wraps up for good with Season 3, it has several loose ends to tend to, as evidenced by a brand-new official clip.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch follows the misadventures of an experimental, genetically enhanced unit of Republic clone troopers as they navigate a post-war society that is rapidly finding itself ground under the boot heel of the Galactic Empire.

The popular animated show is gearing up for its third and final season, where it will likely deal with some fairly dark storytelling as Clone Force 99 embarks upon its final mission.

Crosshair and Omega Have a Talk in Bad Batch Season 3 Footage

Bad Batch Season 3 Clip Crosshair
Star Wars

The official Star Wars YouTube channel put out the first clip from The Bad Batch Season 3.

The scene in question deals with the young clone Omega having a discussion with her brother, Crosshair while they are both in Imperial captivity at Mount Tantiss.

The typically ornery Crosshair is very subdued. Perhaps due to his spirit being broken by the events of Season 2, where he learned exactly what happens when someone puts their trust in the Empire.

Bad Batch Season 3 Clip Crosshair 2
Star Wars

Omega, as plucky and hopeful as ever, wants to break out of the facility that she and Crosshair are being held in, but he bluntly informs her, "There is no escape, I’ve already tried."

Omega remains optimistic though, suggesting that they could ask another clone, Emerie, who works at the base, for help. Crosshair rejects the notion, saying that Omega is too quick to put her faith in others.

Bad Batch Season 3 Clip Omega
Star Wars

"You trust too easily," Crosshairs mutters. "Maybe you don’t trust enough," Omega retorts. This exchange boils down both of their characters to the raw essentials.

The usually steady-handed Crosshair begins to tremble. Maybe the Bad Batch’s former marksman is not as precise as he once was.

The entire clip can be seen below:

What Else Does The Bad Batch’s Final Season Have in Store?

Season 3 of The Bad Batch will, in all likelihood, open with the squad still reeling from the loss of Tech and the capture of Omega. The Batch’s ranks have been reduced to just Hunter, Echo, and Wrecker.

However, luckily for them, they are not alone. Season 3 will see the legendary Captain Rex make a return appearance. Also back is Wanda Sykes’ Phee Genoa, a roguish treasure hunter who’s had dealings with the team before. Asajj Ventress will have an unexpected role as well.

Unfortunately, it might be safe to say that the series will not have a happy ending. The Bad Batch has not been seen in any Star Wars canon material that takes place later on in the franchise‘s timeline and the consensus from fans is that what is left of the main cast probably isn’t going to make it out alive.

Of course, what becomes of Clone Force 99 remains to be seen, whether they emerge triumphant or go out in a blaze of glory.

All will be revealed though, when Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 premieres on Wednesday, February 21, exclusively on Disney+.

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