Marvel Reveals Best Look at Sydney Sweeney's New Spider-Woman Costume

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Sydney Sweeney as Spider-Woman in Madame Web moive

Ahead of Sydney Sweeney's debut in the Marvel universe, fans got their best look yet at the costume she'll don as a new version of Spider-Woman.

Sweeney made headlines nearly two years ago when her casting was first announced for Sony Pictures' female-led solo movie, Madame Web, with her role being a major question mark amongst fans in the following months.

Eventually, she was confirmed to play Julia Carpenter in the new Spider-Man film. She added the first superhero role to her extensive resume after becoming a superstar in projects like Euphoria and The White Lotus.

Best Look Yet at Sydney Sweeney's Spider-Woman

A Chinese poster for Sony Pictures' new Marvel movie, Madame Web, gave fans a nearly full look at Sydney Sweeney's Spider-Woman aka Julia Carpenter.

Madame Web poster
Sony Pictures

In front of Dakota Johnson's Cassandra Webb and next to other Spider-Women played by Celeste O'Connor and Isabela Merced, Sydney Sweeney stands tall in her black and grey suit with her hand outstretched, complete with her black mask. 

Sydney Sweeney, Madame Web
Sony Pictures

This poster marks the best look yet at her Spider-Woman before Madame Web becomes the first of four Marvel movies to debut in theaters in 2024.

How Sydney Sweeney's Spider-Woman Costume Differs From Marvel Comics

The biggest difference between Sydney Sweeney's Madame Web costume and the one Julia Carpenter wears in Marvel Comics is the lack of the huge white eyes on the mask.

That particular aspect could be saved for the movie's upcoming release in February, nearly completing Julia Carpenter's first big-screen look.

However, her sleeves are also a darker grey color than the white seen in the pages of Marvel Comics, and there appear to be some slight differences in the Spider-logo on her upper half.

Sweeney's Julia Carpenter is sure to play a major role in Madame Web, especially with her character being Cassandra Webb's successor as a superhero in the comics.

Where the franchise goes from here is still a mystery, but Sweeney will likely be an important player in whatever plans Sony may have for Sony's Spider-Man Universe.

Madame Web is set to swing into theaters on February 14.

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