Madame Web Makes 1 Key Change to Julia Carpenter's Marvel Suit

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Sydney Sweeney Julia Carpenter Madame Web

Sydney Sweeney's Julia Carpenter suit from the Madame Web trailer underwent one major change compared to her Spider-Woman comic book counterpart. 

After setting the Spidey stage with films like Venom and Morbius, Sony Pictures is diving into the live-action Spider-Verse with its upcoming Madame Web film. 

Starring the likes of Dakota Johnson, Adam Scott, and Sydney Sweeney, the upcoming web-slinging spin-off will feature several Spidey adjacent heroes, including Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl, and the titular Madame Web. 

While much of the film has remained shrouded in mystery, the debut trailer offered up glimpses at some of these wall-crawling heroes at the center of this upcoming blockbuster. 

A Spidey-Sized Change in Madame Web

Sydney Sweeney Julia Carpenter Madame Web
Sony Pictures

It looks as though a key change has been made to Julia Carpenter's Spider-Woman suit in her big-screen debut in Madame Web

Thanks to the debut trailer for Sony Pictures' latest wall-crawling spin-off, fans got their first glimpse at Sydney Sweeney as Marvel Comics character Julia Carpenter

While her Spider-Woman suit - which is featured in the trailer for a split-second - looks to be fairly faithful to its comic book counterpart, sporting the iconic black-and-white look fans are familiar with, there is one significant difference between the movie costume and the one from the page. 

Julia Carpenter Comparison
Sony Pictures

Sydney Sweeney's version of the character has exposed eyes as a part of her mask, whereas Spider-Woman in the comics has covers similar to most traditional Spider-Man costumes. 

It remains unknown why this change was made, opting for slits in the mask as opposed to the white lenses the character is known for.

Spider-Woman Comics
Sony Pictures

However, it likely has something to do with keeping Sweeney recognizable amongst her other web-slinging counterparts that will be featured in the film.,

What To Expect From Madame Web's Julia Carpenter?

There is plenty to glean from this brief look at Sydney Sweeney's introduction as this iconic Marvel hero. 

Julia Carpenter has been a part of the Marvel Comics canon since 1984, and - at times - has even donned the Madame Web moniker. 

However, given Dakota Johnson's Cassandra Webb will be this movie version of the Spidey anti-hero, it seems Sweeney's Julia will only Spider-Woman in the upcoming film. 

While her costume may be slightly different, the Madame Web take on Spider-Woman seems to be fairly true to the source material. 

The character can be seen donning the iconic white spider costume she is known for in the comics and even looks to have the same psionic web powers the hero possesses on the page. 

These strands of psionically collected matter are different from the traditional webs almost all Spider-Man-like characters use in the comics. 

While she is only seen using these to shoot webs in the trailer, she has been known to create all sorts of constructs with her psi-web powers across her history. 

So, there is the chance fans get to see her get crafty with her psionic webbing at some point in the film. 

Madame Web is set to hit theaters on February 14, 2024. 

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