The Suicide Squad: Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn Gets the Most Spotlight on New Promo Calendar

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Harley Quinn Margot Robbie Costume

Fans are now just over two months away from what seems to be one of the bloodiest DC Comics films to date. Of course, no other film matches this description besides James Gunns' upcoming The Suicide Squad. It's not often that a popular blockbuster film promises to kill off nearly its whole cast—especially that of a superhero (villain?) franchise.

Made up of a bunch of obscure characters, the film promises to be a special experience. Who would have thought characters like Polka-Dot man or Ratcatcher would ever make it to the top of the live-action adaption list?

Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn was a given, of course, but not really anyone else—though having King Shark along for the ride is never a bad thing. 

Fans have already been given plenty of looks at the film. From various trailers to new promotional images, to consistent teases from the cast and crew, a lot has already been shown from the movie. Of course, one can't have too many teases—so here's a brand-new calendar to make fans' day.


Following leaked images from The Batman-inspired calendar, fans now have a first look at one centered on the upcoming The Suicide Squad film thanks to Twitter user @TaurooAldebaran.

Of course, none other than Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn stands front and center in most of the images seen—don't worry, though, new glimpses of her various teammates can also be seen.

The images can be seen down below alongside the original tweet that they are from:

Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn, DCU, DC Comics

The backside of an upcoming calendar for The Suicide Squad film features multiple new looks at the massive ensemble of the DCEU flick.

Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn, DCU, DC Comics

The front of the calendar shows new portraits of every member of the Suicide Squad alongside art similar to that of the recent Total Film magazine covers.


Out of everyone on the team, it's safe to say that only one member could be considered safe—Harley Quinn, of course. The rest? Well, no one else holds the crown of Warner Bros.'s favorite psychopath. Though, in a perfect world, King Shark would hold that title.

As for the images themselves, there isn't much to gain besides simply having new visuals for the team. In fact, it may as well be Margot Robbie's calendar. Though it's hard to deny that the single Bloodsport poster is quite neat.

On top of The Suicide Squad, fans also have James Gunns' upcoming HBO Max series Peacemaker to look forward to. It's not quite known yet what the show will feel like, but it's likely to be a dark comedy at the very least.

The biggest question is if the show's character will make it out of his August adventure—or if the show is in fact a prequel to the team's fight against Starro.

The Suicide Squad will premiere in theaters and on HBO Max on August 6, 2021.

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