James Gunn Teases Season 2 Plans For The Suicide Squad Spin-off, Peacemaker

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Director James Gunn is making a name for himself as one of the busiest men in show business, although he seems to be loving every second of the action. Early pre-production is moving forward for both Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and the team's Holiday Special for Marvel Studios, and before that, Gunn has multiple projects lined up for DC as well.

August will bring the debut of The Suicide Squad, which recently earned an R-rating and is quickly building anticipation for its theatrical release. Gunn is also directing and writing a spin-off from that movie, Peacemaker, starring wrestling icon John Cena and is shooting right now in preparation to release sometime in 2022.

While much of the DCEU's future is still a mystery, Gunn teased the probability that his work will live on for more to come...


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Two fans on Twitter asked questions about Peacemaker to director James Gunn through The Direct's recent tweet sharing the article about his praise of HBO Max, which he retweeted.

One asked if there were any characters Gunn wanted to use for Peacemaker but had to cut. Gunn revealed that he's "saving some for Season 2" in his reply:

Another fan expressed his hope for Gunn and his team to be able to return to Vancouver to film the show again without restrictions. Gunn reminisced on his time in the city filming both Slither and Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, expressing his love for the city and giving credit to "a great crew of locals" who brought the series to life:



James Gunn was a surprise addition to the DCEU when he was hired to direct The Suicide Squad, and subsequently Peacemaker, after his firing from Marvel. Now that he is back with the MCU as well as working with the DCEU, it's clear that he is loving his experience with both teams.

For Peacemaker, it's difficult to tell what will happen in the series' initial season with fans not having seen Cena yet in this summer's The Suicide Squad. However, after plenty of early anticipation, it seems likely that his story will have the chance to continue after the first eight episodes premiere next year.

Filming is still continuing for Peacemaker, although the show boasts an excellent cast with actors like Robert Patrick and Jennifer Holland alongside the former WWE megastar. Should Gunn continue to develop further stories after Season 1, there should be plenty of excitement surrounding the HBO Max entry for a long time to come.

Peacemaker will debut on HBO Max sometime in 2022. John Cena will first appear as the titular character in The Suicide Squad, premiering in theaters and on HBO Max on August 6, 2021.

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