New Stranger Things Season 5 Pre-Vis Video Shows Dustin Absolutely Terrified

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Stranger Things, Dustin

A new video from Netflix's Stranger Things Season 5 shows off a terrified Gaten Matarazo, otherwise known as Dustin.

Ever since Season 4 wowed audiences, the world has been hungry for news about Stranger Things’ final season. Sadly, the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, and the WGA before it, have kept the series from making much progress in production.

The story will pick up after the destructive events of last season and will see the return of Vecna, but just what he might be up to remains unknown.

The closest fans have coming to seeing anything from the upcoming final season is in the form of rough pre-visualization images and photos of on-location set construction. Now, there’s another little nugget for audiences to sink their teeth into.

New Video From Stranger Things Season 5

A new video from the Stranger Things Writers‘ X account teased a terrified Dustin in the upcoming final season.

The clip comes in the form of a rough pre-visualization animation that was released as a joke about what the series will look like if the SAG-AFTRA strike doesn’t come to a close.

The new footage sees Gaten Matarazzo’s Dustin terrified out of his mind, screaming for an extensive amount of time.

Stranger Things, Dustin, Season 5

Along with him is Natalia Dyer’s Nancy and Charlie Heaton’s Jonathan in the backseat—though it’s unclear who is driving.

Stranger Things, Season 5, Nancy, Jonathan

The files are dated August 16, 2023, and are labeled as taking place at the McCorkle Farm, with one even explicitly stating that it’s in the Upside Down.

The entire clip can be seen below:

What is Dustin Screaming at in the Upside Down?

It’s exciting that this seems to confirm the kids will be going back into the Upside Down for Season 5. Hopefully, in doing so, audiences will get be getting plenty of intriguing answers about the mysterious alternate world.

But what exactly is Dustin so afraid of? Could it be an entirely new creature, Vecna himself, or maybe even their old Demogorgon pal?

Perhaps maybe it’s an undead-like Eddie Munson? Though, that’s probably a stretch.

Just before the SAG-AFTRA strike commenced, Stranger Things was gearing up for production. So, hopefully, once the strike is resolved, the final season will start production not long after.

Though, at this point, fans should not expect Season 5 until 2025 at the earliest.

The first four seasons of Stranger Things are now streaming on Netflix.

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