Stranger Things Season 5 Gets Updates Amid Delay Concerns: When Will It Release on Netflix?

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Stranger Things Season 5 received an official update as to when it will be back in development following the end of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike.

Netflix's Stranger Things is one of the biggest and most popular TV shows in the world, and many fans are patiently waiting for the arrival of the fifth and final season.

The script for the Netflix show was being written prior to the WGA strike that began on May 2. That, coupled with the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) strike, caused everything on production for Season 5 to be shut down indefinitely.

When Will Stranger Things Season 5 Come Out?

Stranger Things Season 5

In a recent report from Variety, it was detailed that Netflix is prioritizing Season 5 of Stranger Things above other projects tied to the streamer now that the WGA strike is officially over.

The WGA signed a new three-year deal with the AMPTP on September 27, ending the second-longest writers' strike in Hollywood history.

Now that it is over, all hands are on deck for the completion of the script of Stranger Things Season 5.

The script for Season 5 was almost completed before the WGA strike started back in May, and series star David Harbour even revealed that the upcoming season was supposed to begin filming back in June, but that never happened because of the strikes.

The strangerwriters X (formerly known as Twitter) account also recently shared a post to the social media platform of a simple image containing the words "We're back" over a white background, indicating that the writing team is back to work on finishing the Season 5 script.

Assuming that the script is finished rather quickly and the actors' strike ends within the next month or so, Stranger Things Season 5 will likely go into production sometime in early 2024.

David Harbour also previously revealed that Season 5 "will shoot for about a year," and if that is the case, filming will likely wrap up in early 2025.

After going through post-production, that would put Season 5 of Stranger Things on track to be released on Netflix sometime in summer 2025.

Will the Actors' Strike End Soon?

It is obviously great news that the WGA strike is officially over and writers can now get to work on upcoming projects such as Stranger Things Season 5, but it really doesn't matter if scripts are finished if there are no actors.

It is important to note that the actors' strike is still ongoing, and there are no signs pointing to when it might end.

That means that, even if Season 5's script does get finished soon, actors can't return to work on the show until their own strike is over.

The latest reports detailed that SAG-AFTRA will be meeting with the AMPTP sometime soon to discuss the terms of a new deal.

Since the production studios were able to come to an agreement with the WGA, they will all likely be more inclined now to also come to an agreement with the actors so that productions can resume as soon as possible.

The actors likely want to get back to work just as much as fans want them to, but it is still important for them not to jump the gun and make sure that they take a deal with the AMPTP that benefits them.

However, seeing as how the AMPTP was willing to move around a bit for the WGA, it is likely that the studios will do the same with SAG.

If all goes according to plan, then the actors won't be on strike for much longer and Stranger Things Season 5 will look to start production around the beginning of the year.

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