Stranger Things Season 5 Update Reveals New Release Projections

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Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in Stranger Things Season 4

A new report offered the latest release projections for Stranger Things Season 5 on Netflix

The Duffer Brothers' epic sci-fi adventure is set to come to an end with the upcoming fifth batch of episodes; though, it has not gotten the chance to commence production thanks to concurrent strikes in Hollywood amongst the actors and writers. 

Previous reports said Stranger Things 5 was a priority for Netflix, with the streamer adamant about getting the show into production as soon as job action came to an end. 

However, because of the uncertainty as to when that would happen, no release date for the hit series has been given. 

When Will Stranger Things Season 5 Release on Netflix?

Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown Eleven

With the ending of the actors' strike in Hollywood, a new update was given surrounding the release of Stranger Things Season 5. 

According to Deadline, there is no rush to get the show in front of cameras immediately, but - given a lack of content in the pipeline thanks to the recent actors and writers' strikes - Netflix hopes to start the ramp-up to production now. 

The hit streaming show was originally mere weeks away from starting filming when the actors' strike began, so Netflix is reportedly hoping to get filming on the series sometime in the next couple of weeks. 

This means fans have a clearer picture than ever as to when Stranger Things Season 5 will be released on the streamer. 

According to star David Harbour, "Stranger Things 5 will shoot for a year," which would mean that if production on the series got started in late 2023, as Deadline expects, it will finish in December 2024 or January 2025:

"There will be a little bit of a push difference, but 'Stranger Things 5' will shoot for a year. So 'Thunderbolts' will have to live somewhere within that, but the whole thing is crazy speculation at this point."

Previous Stranger Things seasons have spent the better part of a year in post-production once filming is done, so, assuming no major production delays, that would put the projected Netflix release date for Season 5 sometime in Summer or Fall of 2025. 

Why Netflix Is Racing to Release Stranger Things

Now that both the actors' and writers' strikes have come to an end, some may be wondering why exactly Netflix is rushing to get a series like Stranger Things to production (and eventually release). 

Well, given the entertainment industry had been put on hold for nearly six months as Hollywood was enveloped in job action, the streaming giant (and many other studios) started to burn through content without new titles to replace them. 

This will leave a gap in releases sometime in the next year to eighteen months as the studios start to fill their hoppers again. 

Netflix thrives on the promise of a constant churn of content, with something new dropping on the service nearly every day. It is this endless stream of titles that gives the service value to its shareholders. 

Seeing as Stranger Things is one of Netflix's most prestige titles, it would make sense the streamer wants to get the series on the platform as soon as possible. 

This would ensure that any gaps in content releases can be justified by the platform by telling shareholders a big name like Stranger Things Season 5 is on the way imminently. 

Stranger Things Season 5 is expected to release sometime in late 2025.  

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