Full Cast of Station 19 Season 7 Episode 2 - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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Station 19 season 7 episode 2 cast members

Station 19's Season 7 continues in Episode 2 with a top-level cast of characters.

The Grey's Anatomy spin-off moves further into its 2024 slate with Episode 2 (titled "Good Grief") with only eight more entries remaining until the series comes to a close.

Following a heartbreaking diagnosis in the season premiere, the firehouse team is split up on multiple calls this week, ranging from dealing with a potentially deadly pathogen to drama at a funeral wake.

Season 7, Episode 2 premiered on ABC on Thursday, March 21.

Every Character & Actor in Station 19 Season 7, Episode 2

Ahead is a list of every actor seen in Season 7, Episode 2 of ABC's Station 19, along with the characters they play.

Jaina Lee Ortiz - Andy Herrera

Jaina Lee Ortiz as Andy Herrera in Station 19
Jaina Lee Ortiz

Station 19 Captain Andrea "Andy" Herrera is portrayed by Jaina Lee Ortiz, with the character having just been promoted at the end of Season 6.

In Episode 2, Herrera is quickly thrown into the fire as she has to handle the aftermath of one of her best firefighters being benched, making sure the firehouse continues to run smoothly.

Although her own emotions run high throughout, she remains steadfast in her decisions within the station, asserting her leadership for her team through a difficult time.

Ortiz is recognizable to fans for her role as Detective Annalise Villa in Rosewood. Additional credits include Girls Trip, The After, and Station 19's parent program, Grey's Anatomy

Jason George - Dr. Ben Warren

Jason George as Dr. Ben Warren in Station 19
Jason George

Originally coming to Station 19 after working as a surgical resident in Grey's Anatomy, Jason George's Ben Warren is now part of the station's core team of firefighters.

Episode 2 sees Warren responding to an emergency call in a residential neighborhood, meeting a woman who he can tell is on dialysis and sensing there may be more to the story.

Later finding out the woman is struggling to deal with her aggressive and almost abusive son, Warren has to do everything he can to protect her from danger stemming from her own family.

George's resume also includes roles in Sunset Beach, Breaking In, and Kidnap.

Boris Kodjoe - Robert Sullivan

Boris Kodjoe as Robert Sullivan in Station 19
Boris Kodjoe

Boris Kodjoe takes a place in Station 19's main cast as Robert Sullivan, the station's lieutenant, who was previously married to Captain Herrera.

Annoyed at Herrera's promotion, he still gives her advice on how to run the firehouse, telling her to assert herself and not question her judgment.

He also has to deal with a potential medical outbreak during vaccine day at the Dean Miller Clinic, all before proposing marriage to his girlfriend once again in Season 7.

Kodjoe has credits in Resident Evil: Afterlife, Surrogates, and Addicted.

Grey Damon - Jack Gibson

Grey Damon as Jack Gibson in Station 19
Grey Damon

Grey Damon is back as Jack Gibson in Station 19 Season 7, although Episode 2 sets a new reality into stone for the longtime firefighter.

After hitting his head and then collapsing to the floor in the Season 6 finale, Season 7's first episode saw him taken to the hospital and into surgery before doctors tell him he can no longer fight fires.

Struggling with this new status quo, his teammates are also devastated, and he does his best to help at the clinic while walking around on crutches.

The episode concludes with an emotional celebration for him as he signs his name on the bottom of the firehouse kitchen table, officially taking himself out of the line of duty.

Damon can be seen in The CW's The Flash, Aquarius, and Star-Crossed.

Barrett Doss - Victoria Hughes

Barrett Doss as Victoria Hughes in Station 19
Barrett Doss

Victoria "Vic" Hughes is another member of the Seattle Fire Department's Station 19 team, played by Barrett Doss.

Doss spends most of Episode 2 alongside Josh Randall's Sean Beckett at his uncle's wake, seeing some of the troublesome mannerisms other members of his family exhibit.

Doss is best known for her credits in The Noel Diary, Marshall, and the MCU's Iron Fist.

Jay Hayden - Travis Montgomery

Jay Hayden as Travis Montgomery in Station 19
Jay Hayden

Jay Hayden returns as Travis Montgomery, an openly gay firefighter, in Station 19 Season 7.

Attending former rival Michael Dixon's funeral in Episode 2, Montgomery also brings his new boyfriend Eli to the event before running into his ex, Emmett.

He even cheats on Eli at the event with Emmett, which is almost certain to lead to some tense drama unfolding as the rest of Season 7 unfurls.

A few of Hayden's 30-plus credits include SEAL Team, The Catch, and Battleground.

Danielle Savre - Maya Bishop

Danielle Savre as Maya Bishop in Station 19
Danielle Savre

Danielle Savra's Maya Bishop works as a lieutenant at the Station 19 firehouse, and she is also married to Dr. Carina DeLuca-Bishop.

Episode 2 sees the DeLuca-Bishop couple hoping to move further in their adoption process with Liam while handling a potential outbreak at the clinic.

While the adoption works out well at the end of the episode, she now has a new challenge to face thanks to a lawsuit served against her wife in this episode, meaning Bishop will need to be there for support.

Notable credits on Savre's resume include Heroes, Malcolm in the Middle, and Supernatural.

Carlos Miranda - Theo Ruiz

Carlos Miranda as Theo Ruiz in Station 19
Carlos Miranda

Carlos Miranda takes on the role of Theodore "Theo" Ruiz in Station 19 Season 7. 

Ruiz is another lieutenant at Station 19 who acted as captain throughout Season 6. His newfound responsibility in the previous season led to several disagreements in the workplace due to his stubbornness. 

Ruiz's personal life is also in shambles after breaking up with Victoria in the Season 6 finale. However, he seems to be on the path of recovery after being caught making out with Kate. 

Miranda is known for his roles in The Bling Ring, Warrior, and Dallas.

Josh Randall - Sean Beckett

Josh Randall as Sean Beckett in Station 19
Josh Randall

Josh Randall returns to Station 19's final season to once again portray Sean Beckett, another Seattle Fire Department firefighter.

Continuing his journey through sobriety, Beckett attends his uncle's wake and is pushed hard by multiple members of his heavily Irish family to break that sober streak with a few drinks.

He also has to unexpectedly deal with a major injury to one of his younger relatives, putting further strain on his relationship with his family as he gets his mind in the right place.

Randall is recognizable for his time in Quarry, Ozark, and Ed.

Stefania Spampinato - Carina DeLuca

Stefania Spampinato as Carina DeLuca in Station 19

Dr. Carina DeLuca-Bishop is portrayed by Stefania Spampinato, with her character working as a doctor at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital while being married to Maya Bishop.

Helping take care of vaccination at the clinic in Episode 2, Dr. DeLuca-Bishop also runs into one of her old patients before that patient serves her with a lawsuit at the end of the episode.

This could potentially put her status as Liam's foster parent in jeopardy, with fans seeing her and Maya working through that stress before meeting with the rest of the team.

Spampinato can also be seen in Darkness Falls, The Chosen Ones, and Two Wolves.

Merle Dandridge - Natasha Ross

Merle Dandridge as Natasha Ross in Station 19
Merle Dandridge

Merle Dandridge takes on an important role in Station 19 as Natasha Ross, the fire chief of the Seattle Fire Department. 

Chief Ross is seen early in this episode discussing Jack Gibson's future with him, helping him understand that he will not be able to go back into the field after another serious injury.

She also gets another marriage proposal from Robert Sullivan via his son, to which she writes her own "maybe" box on a piece of paper that has "yes" and "no" options.

Dandridge is perhaps best known for her portrayal of Marlene in The Last of Us, playing her in both the HBO series and the video game. Other credits include Alice's Wonderland Bakery and Truth Be Told.

Lachlan Buchanan - Emmett Dixon

Lachlan Buchanan as Emmett Dixon in Station 19
Lachlan Buchanan

Lachlan Buchanan reprises his Station 19 role as Emmett Dixon, son of deceased fire chief Michael Dixon, in Season 7, Episode 2.

Hosting his father's funeral, he also reunites with his ex-boyfriend, Travis Montgomery, hooking up with Montgomery in a laundry room while Montgomery is there with his current boyfriend.

Buchanan can also be seen in The Young and the Restless, Dynasty, and Wellmania.

Rob Heaps - Eli Stern

Rob Heaps as Eli Stern in Station 19
Rob Heaps

Attending Michael Dixon's wake with Travis Montgomery is his current boyfriend, Eli Stern, portrayed in Station 19 by Rob Heaps.

Stern is set to deal with plenty of emotional baggage thanks to Montgomery and Dixon hooking up at the funeral, potentially putting his relationship at risk of ending in Episode 3.

Heaps is best known for his performances in And Then There Were None, A Call to Spy, and Imposters.

Kiele Sanchez - Kate Powell

Kiele Sanchez as Kate Powell in Station 19
Kiele Sanchez

Kiele Sanchez first joined the Station 19 cast at the end of Season 6 with her role as Kate Powell, a firefighter who previously worked with Theo Ruiz.

Cracking a few light jokes about Gibson's injuries early in the episode, Sanchez then takes the option to restock the clinic rather than do desk duty, winding up stuck in the lockdown later in the episode.

Sanchez's previous work includes roles in A Perfect Getaway, The Purge: Anarchy, and Lost.

Tricia O’Kelley - Kitty Dixon

Tricia O’Kelley as Kitty Dixon in Station 19
Tricia O’Kelley

Hosting the funeral wake is Tricia O'Kelley's Kitty Dixon, Michael's widow and Emmett's mother.

Dixon initially treats Montgomery poorly at the wake, asking him to move around furniture after everybody leaves and acting as if he were there to serve her needs.

However, letting her emotions out, she assures him that she knew he did everything he could for her late husband and that he was truly loved.

O'Kelley can also be seen in The New Adventures of Old Christine, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and Gilmore Girls.

Deirdre Lovejoy - Connie

Deirdre Lovejoy as Connie in Station 19
Deirdre Lovejoy

Deirdre Lovejoy makes a single-episode appearance in Station 19 as a woman named Connie, who Ruiz and Warren look into after a call to her neighborhood.

A neighbor overhears Connie violently arguing with her son before the firefighters show up at their house as Connie gets checked out for a rash potentially connected to her being on dialysis

She later admits that her son is prone to losing his temper, and at the end of the episode, she seeks out Warren to file an extreme risk protection order against him to keep herself safe.

Fans can see Lovejoy's work in Raising Dion, The Blacklist, and The Wire.

Jamie Denbo - Grace Beckett

Jamie Denbo as Grace Beckett in Station 19
Jamie Denbo

Jamie Denbo makes her way into Season 7, Episode 2 as Grace Beckett, introducing herself to Sean as one of his cousins.

Although Grace admits she's in the same place as Sean with her sobriety, she describes it as self-imposed sobriety while also bringing up several of Sean's past alcohol-fueled incidents.

Denbo's previous credits on her resume include Spy, The Heat, and Yes Man.

Spencer Garrett - James Beckett

Spencer Garrett as James Beckett in Station 19
Spencer Garrett

Movie and TV veteran Spencer Garrett joins the Station 19 family in Season 7 with his role as James Beckett, a member of Sean's extended family.

Already drunk upon encountering Sean and Vic, he mistakenly presumes they are together before he learns about Sean's sobriety, then toasting to the death of "Fun Sean."

Later giving a toast to Sean's deceased uncle, he gets into a heated drunken brawl with Grace, which then permeates the entire wake as everybody in the bar begins fighting.

Garrett recently spent two seasons portraying real-life Los Angeles Lakers broadcaster Chick Hearn in Max's Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty. He's also seen in Iron Man 3, Air Force One, and Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood.

Spencer Treat Clark - James Beckett, Jr.

Spencer Treat Clark as James Beckett, Jr. in Station 19
Spencer Treat Clark

Doubling up on the "Spencer portraying James in Station 19" theme is Spencer Treat Clark as he joins the show in a role as James Beckett, Jr.

Junior takes after his old man on the drinking front as he takes in the atmosphere of the wake, fully jumping into the brawl as he winds up getting punched in the face.

This causes his nose to gush blood as his father attempts to cauterize the wound with a spoon, only leading Junior to scream in pain before he's rushed off to the hospital.

Clark enjoyed an eight-episode run as Werner Von Strucker in Season 3 of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD on ABC. He is also part of the casts of Animal Kingdom, Mystic River, and Gladiator.

Jay Jay Warren - Sam

Jay Jay Warren as Sam in Station 19
Jay Jay Warren

Appearing alongside Deirdre Lovejoy's Connie is her estranged and volatile son, Sam, played in Episode 2 by Jay Jay Warren.

Shown to be openly hostile and antagonistic towards his mother, Sam often hurls belittling comments toward her and aggressively tells Warren to leave his property immediately.

Later, he even takes one of his guns out of a back shed and fires it in an attempt to stop the neighbor's dog from barking, although he sees no immediate ramifications for his actions.

Warren boasts TV credits in Rushed, The Shed, and Bosch.

Frances Capra - Neighbor

Frances Capra in Station 19
Frances Capra

While Frances Capra's character in Station 19 does not come with a name, he is neighbors with Connie and Sam, seeing their fighting regularly.

He even calls the fire department attempting to see that abusive behavior put to rest, although Sam then fires a gun and takes other aggressive action against his neighbor due to his loud dog.

Fans of '90s movies will recognize Capra for his role as Max in the 1996 cult classic Kazaam, which also starred NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal. He is also seen in SLC Punk!, A Bronx Tale, and Crank.

Emma Scotson - Alice

Emma Scotson as Alice in Station 19
Emma Scotson

Emma Scotson plays a key role in Station 19 Season 7, Episode 2 as Alice, who comes to the clinic and quickly shows signs of an intense sickness.

Vomiting and exhibiting a rash on her skin, Alice is referred to as Patient Zero, causing the clinic to be put on lockdown until the Seattle Fire Department can figure out if she is contagious.

After a series of tests and plenty of worry, the doctors diagnosed Alice with dengue fever and lifted the lockdown, with that disease not being one that could spread to others.

Station 19 is Scotson's first major TV credit.

The first two episodes of Station 19 Season 7 are now streaming on Hulu. New episodes premiere every Thursday on ABC at 10 p.m. ET.

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