Station 19: Does Ben Warren Die? Showrunner Addresses His Future

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Station 19's showrunner addressed what the future holds for Ben Warren (played by Jason Winston George) as many believe he could die in an upcoming episode.

Originally starting as a surgical resident in Grey's Anatomy, Ben Warren quickly became an important member of the team as a firefighter at the Station 19 firehouse.

Receiving a medal for bravery at the end of Season 6, Warren has seen more than his fair share of danger and adversity in his time on the show, which is now confirmed to end after Season 7.

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Will Ben Warren Die in Station 19?

Ben Warren in Station 19

A new TV spot for Station 19 Season 7, Episode 5 potentially teases a life-or-death situation for Ben Warren, leaving many wondering if he will die.

The trailer sets the story at Seattle's biggest landmark, the Space Needle, as the Station 19 firefighters have to climb to the top of the structure to put out a fire.

As the drama unfolds in the air and on the ground, the trailer ends with Ben Warren saying to somebody, "Tell Miranda she was worth waiting for," referencing his wife, Miranda Bailey. This line has many fans believing this will be the end of the line for Warren, leaving his future in the series uncertain.

Grey's Anatomy showrunner Meg Marinis teased that she knows the general idea of where Station 19 is going ahead of the two series' upcoming 2024 crossover.

Speaking to Deadline, she indicated that Ben and Miranda's relationship "will continue to cross over," with actors Jason George and Chandra Wilson adamant about making their moments on both series "one symbiotic thing:"

"I haven’t read their last two episodes yet. I know generally where they’re going. What I can tell you is that the Bailey and Ben relationship will continue to cross over. Those two actors love crossing over and it’s very important to them that what they do over here and what they do over there, that it’s one symbiotic thing."

Based on these quotes, Ben Warren appears to be safe from death, with Marinis indicating his relationship with Miranda will live on further into the story.

She also highlighted her "great working relationship and great personal relationship" with new Station 19 showrunners Zoanne Clack & Peter Paige. 

The three are "constantly on the phone" as Marinis wants "to be able to help them" as much as possible, teasing an appearance by Stefania Spampinato's Carina DeLuca-Bishop on Grey's Anatomy as well:

"We’re constantly on the phone because I want to be able to help them any way I can succeed in telling amazing ends to their stories — whether it’s a crossover medical case or whether it’s Ben crossing over, whether it’s Carina crossing over. We’ll definitely see Carina on Grey’s at one point."

Concluding with a small tease for "that final crossover" between Grey's Anatomy and Station 19, Marinis ramped up the hype by telling fans, "We like to share catastrophes, that’s what I’m saying."

What Will Happen in Station 19 Season 7?

Although Season 7 is the final run for Station 19, the showrunner's quotes seemingly indicate Ben Warren will not die in this new episode, even considering how big of a moment that would be for the show.

After already facing a near-death experience with Grey Damon's Jack Gibson, who lived to fight another day even though his firefighting days are over, the team looks set to face another potentially stressful time with Warren's story in this episode.

Due to the delays from the writers' and actors' strikes, Season 7 will only have 10 episodes in total, meaning this new episode will be the mid-season finale. That could further indicate something bad coming for Ben Warren, with this episode possibly being meant to bring one or more game-changing moments.

However, chances are high that Ben will walk away with his life considering Marinis' quotes about his and Miranda's story living on past this week. It all leaves fans anxious to find out what the team has in store for this veteran hero.

The first four episodes of Station 19 Season 7 are now streaming on Hulu. Episode 5 will debut on ABC on Thursday, April 11, at 10 p.m. ET.

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