Grey’s Anatomy Season 20's Disappointing Crossover Plan Just Got Revealed

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Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy confirmed a disappointing update regarding crossover episodes in its upcoming Season 20 slate.

Following the conclusions of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes that dominated news cycles all summer, Grey's Anatomy is preparing to complete its second full decade on the air with Season 20.

This series is also known for its crossover events with other programs on the air, most of them mixing with Station 19 along with six seasons of Private Practice (2007-13) and the short-lived Grey's Anatomy: B-Team in 2018. 

Grey's Anatomy Season 20's Crossover With Station 19

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Season 20 of Grey's Anatomy will reportedly only feature one crossover episode with ABC's Station 19 according to a new report from Deadline.

The report notes that only one crossover between Grey's Anatomy Season 20 and Station 19 is planned, making for a disappointing update considering these shows' history.

Grey's Anatomy included a backdoor pilot episode to jumpstart Station 19's run with Episode 13 of Season 14 on March 1, 2018 - the first of 42 crossover episodes between the two shows over the next five years.

Station 19's pilot episode also featured a Grey's Anatomy crossover with the Station 19 firehouse team winding up at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital later into the episode.

The first two-part crossover between the two series came in Season 15, Episode 4 of Grey's Anatomy and the second episode in Station 19 Season 2. The first three-parter took place as Season 15, Episode 23 of Grey's was sandwiched between Episodes 14 and 15 of Station 19, Season 2.

Due to most TV shows having a shortened schedule after the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, Grey's Anatomy is expected to only deliver 10 new episodes for Season 20, likely the reason for the limited crossover with Station 19.

Both shows are now officially confirmed to debut on March 14, 2024, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Will Grey's Anatomy Have More Crossover Episodes?

The effects of the Hollywood strikes from Summer 2023 are being felt across the film and TV industry, with both Grey's Anatomy and Station 19 being limited to only 10-episode slates for their next seasons.

With both shows typically getting anywhere from 16 to 25 episodes per season and this year chopping those numbers basically in half, it doesn't come as a huge shock to see such a limited crossover, even with the news being disappointing.

The only question right now that isn't clear is when in each season this crossover will take place, with both series currently filming a few months ahead of their first episodes debuting.

But once Season 20 of Grey's Anatomy goes through its run and the TV world gets back to a more normal operating schedule, crossovers with Station 19 should be much more plentiful.

Episode 1 of Grey's Anatomy Season 20 will air on ABC on March 14, 2024.

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