Does Maya Bishop Die in Station 19?

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Maya Bishop Station 19

Station 19's latest episode (Season 7, Episode 9) put Danielle Savre's Maya Bishop in harm's way, leaving many to wonder if the longtime TV character died. 

As the hit ABC drama comes to an end - with Season 7 being its last - fans have sat with bated breath to know what will become of the series' iconic Seattle firehouse and the residents that occupy it. 

Thus far in Season 7, the Grey's Anatomy spin-off has kept viewers on edge from episode to episode, potentially killing off both series mainstay Ben Warren and one of this season's emotional heartbeats in the lovable unhoused man, Morris

Is Maya Leaving Station 19?


Episode 9 of Station 19 Season 7 ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, with some believing Danielle Savre's Maya Bishop has died. 

The show's penultimate episode closed with Savre's longtime firefighter going into a blaze with Jaina Lee Ortiz's Andrea "Andy" Herrera to save an injured marine. 

However, things did not go as planned, and the pair of Seattle FD staff got separated and trapped by the fire. 

Things faded to black as Bishop was left in a precarious spot, cut off from the rest of her team and surrounded by fire as it grew around her. 

With one more episode left in the series, speculation is swirling that this could be the end for Bishop, and the series mainstay could be killed off in the show's finale. 

Bishop Actress Addresses Her Character's Possible Death

On the subject of Bishop's death, actress Danielle Savre played coy in her conversations with both fans and the media.

In an April 2024, the Bishop actress teased to NBC News that her Seattle firefighter does not necessarily get a "happy ending," but she does get a "satisfying [one]:"

"[The characters do not necessarily get] happy endings, but satisfying endings. In reality, these characters will live on, so we’re not like, ‘They got everything they wanted at the end of the season.’ It’s more like we’re laying the groundwork for that. These people are in a good place and their futures look bright, and that’s where we’ll leave the fans, who then can fill in the blanks themselves."

While that might sound like her character may die, Savre has also made it clear she would be happy to reprise the role of Bishop if given the chance, potentially hinting that she does survive the cliffhanger ending set up in Episode 9. 

When asked about coming back to the character in any capacity down the line, Savre and her co-star, Stefania Spampinato, let out a resounding, "Of course we’re open to it:" 

"Of course we’re open to it. If we said, 'No, there’s no chance, we’re never going to work together again,' I feel like we’d get death threats. This is an industry that 100% is not in our control. But listen, if ABC or Shondaland came to us and was like, 'We want a ‘Marina’ spinoff where you guys live on a boat and a marina,’ we would be like, ‘Yes!'"

Whether her character dies in the series finale, Savre is ready to say goodbye to the character for now and Station 19 as a whole. 

She told Parade in anticipation of the series coming to an end, "Maya has gone on such a rollercoaster," and she hopes she gets "peace and happiness" at the end of the series:

"Maya has gone on such a rollercoaster through seven seasons and grown so much as a person. I went into this season as a whole with Maya kind of being more at peace than she has ever been. Maya and Carina adopting Liam, being shocked by her brother being part of a white supremacist group, she's handling everything pretty well so far and trying to use those years of therapy to be who she is now. I just want peace and happiness for her."

The Station 19 series finale airs on ABC on Thursday, May 30 at 8 p.m. ET before streaming on Hulu the next day.

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