Who Died on Station 19 In the Latest Episode? Morris' Death Explained

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Station 19's latest episode featured the shocking death of George Wyner's Morris. 

Set in the world of the uber-popular medical drama Grey's Anatomy, Station 19 takes a look behind the curtain at Seattle's fire department and the ups and downs of its firefighters.

The series has been running for seven seasons (the latest of which is ongoing) but is set to end with the incoming Season 7 finale. 

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Station 19's Shocking Episode 6 Death

Barrett Doss as Vic looking at George Wyner as Morris on a park bench in Station 19

Fans are still recovering from the death of Morris (played by George Wyner) in Station 19 Season 7, Episode 6. 

The episode saw the firefighters of the series' titular Station 19 helping out a homeless man named Morris. 

Morris was a former vet who was introduced to the firehouse team by Fire Chief Ross (played by Merle Dandridge), a former veterinarian and Vietnam veteran who had become unhoused at some point in his adult life. 

The team helped Morris recover documents including his birth certificate, taking on the real-world issue of the homeless population's continued plight of getting off the streets because of a lack of documentation. 

However, later in the episode, a fire breaks out at Morris' encampment. As the team rushes to the tent city and sees Morris reacting to the blaze, the unhoused man at the center of the episode runs back toward his tent. 

The team of firefighters tries to stop their unhoused friend, but their efforts are for naught. While attempting to recover his belongings from his nylon home, an explosion rings out, throwing Morris back and killing him in the process. 

The main Station 19 cast standing around a coffin in Station 19 Season 7, Episode 6

Morris' death causes emotional strife at the firehouse. As a longtime friend of Station 19 (and more specifically Barrett Doss' Victoria Hughes), the debrief of what happened at the homeless camp is a heavy one. 

Doss' Vic then goes to bat for the emergency medical service known as CrisisOne, releases her pent-up emotions about losing Morris, and is given control of the medical team to hopefully help people like her dearly departed friend better in the future. 

The episode ends with the team holding a funeral for Morris and mournfully looking on as they lower his body into a grave. 

Why Morris Died in Station 19

While Morris' death in the latest Station 19 episode may be disappointing to some, the series' creators have said this particular episode served a specific purpose in the show's final run. 

According to Season 7, Episode 6 director Boris Kodjoe (via Variety), this particular chapter in the Station 19 story was all about "Vic coming to terms with the fact that despite always taking care of everyone else, it’s OK to let yourself fall:"

"This episode is about Vic coming to terms with the fact that despite always taking care of everyone else, it’s OK to let yourself fall. It’s OK to be vulnerable; it’s OK to not be strong. And that has been a long time coming for her."

The death of Morris is just a small part of that, but it catalyzed Barrett Doss's character feeling like she does not need to keep everything in. 

Kojoe noted the theme of Season 7 so far has been Vic "trying to keep it together" but ultimately failing, and Episode 6 was the culmination of that:

"If you look at this final season, it’s actually been from Episode 1 that she’s been trying to keep it together, so it was a really beautiful theme."

With only four episodes left in Station 19 Season 7, Vis can hopefully let her feelings out, move forward, and be open and honest with her fellow first responders. 

Station 19 Season 7 continues on ABC, with new episodes debuting every Thursday at 10 p.m. ET. 

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