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The Rookie

The Rookie Season 6 is about to premiere, but who is returning and what newcomers will be boarding its cast of characters and actors?

The Nathan Fillion-led procedural crime drama is finally back for Season 6 on ABC and Hulu after a long break due to the recent Hollywood strikes.

Every Main Actor & Character in The Rookie Season 6

Nathan Fillion - John Nolan

The Rookie, Nathan Fillion - John Nolan

Nathan Fillion's John Nolan has been the face of The Rookie since Season 1, and that will continue to be the case going into Season 6 as the hero cop training officer continues along his journey with his own rookie, Celina Juarez.

This season will also bring along big changes in his personal life as he finally ties the knot with his longtime girlfriend Bailey Nune. Their marriage will undoubtedly lead to plenty of dilemmas as they adjust to life as husband and wife.

Fillion has appeared across pop culture staples such as FireflyThe Suicide Squad, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. He will soon board James Gunn’s new DCU reboot as Guy Gardner, aka Green Lantern, in 2025’s Superman: Legacy.

Melissa O’Neil - Lucy Chen

The Rookie, Melissa O’Neil - Lucy Chen

Melissa O’Neil's Lucy Chen will return in The Rookie Season 6 where she ought to dive into more of the undercover work she has become so passionate about, perhaps along with taking the step-up to the rank of detective she craved last season.

On top of her career progression, Lucy Chen is still dating her former training officer Tim Bradford. As Chen continues her undercover work and Bradford stays on at Metro, their relationship will face plenty of obstacles this season, although there could be some positive steps like moving in together.

O’Neil has been a regular on The Rookie since it began and has previously appeared on Syfy’s Dark Matter and The CW’s iZombie.

Eric Winter - Tim Bradford

The Rookie, Eric Winter - Tim Bradford

Eric Winter is back once again as Tim Bradford, an LAPD sergeant who recently joined the Metro Unit, setting him up for more involvement in major crimes than ever.

This comes as he continues his relationship with Lucy Chen, which is bound to go through more challenges and triumphs than ever in Season 6.

Winter had a role in two episodes of The Good Doctor and has also featured in The Witches of East EndThe Mentalist, and more shows.

Alyssa Diaz - Angela Lopez

The Rookie, Alyssa Diaz - Angela Lopez

Alyssa Diaz's LAPD detective Angela Lopez will stick around for Season 6.

Lopez gave birth to her second child in the Season 5 finale, making her a new mother to a currently-unnamed daughter. Going into the latest season, the LAPD detective will likely find herself again juggling her career and family life, this time having to contend with two young children at home.

Diaz voiced Renee Montoya in Batman: The Long Halloween Part Two, and has had appearances on Narcos: MexicoHow to Get Away with Murder, and Lucifer.

Mekia Cox - Nyla Harper

The Rookie, Mekia Cox - Nyla Harper

From John Nolan’s second training officer to a detective, Mekia Cox’s Nyla Harper has been with The Rookie since Season 2 as one of the most important cops.

Going into Season 6, fans can expect to see her solving plenty more cases as a detective, perhaps along with a deeper dive into her family life with her husband James Murray, their daughter Leah, and her other daughter Lila.

Cox has appeared in many major projects such as Chicago Med, Gotham, Modern Family, Once Upon a Time, and the popular romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Richard T. Jones - Wade Grey

The Rookie, Richard T. Jones - Wade Grey

Richard T. Jones will return to The Rookie in Season 6 as Sergeant Wade Grey, the Watch Commander of Mid-Wilshire who leads the team into their various cases.

In Season 6, fans are bound to see more of Grey leading the group, offering his wisdom, and getting into action. This ought to come with more stories involving his wife Luna (Angel Parker) and daughter Dominique (Jade Payton).

Jones has been featured in Santa Clarita Diet, Criminal Minds, American Horror Story, Narcos, and more.

Lisseth Chavez - Celina Juarez

The Rookie, Lisseth Chavez - Celina Juarez

Lisseth Chavez's Celina Juarez ought to see more major steps in her rookie training in Season 6 under John Nolan, perhaps finally seeing her plain clothes day, midterm exam, and more as she edges closer to being a P2 officer.

Last season, Juarez underwent a turning point as the case of her sister’s murder was finally solved, with one of the LAPD’s own implicated in the killing. It will be intriguing to see how this twist could affect her policing and relationship with her family, namely her mother, going forward into Season 6.

Chavez has appeared in Chicago P.D., Legends of Tomorrow, and The Fosters

Tru Valentino - Aaron Thorsen

The Rookie, Tru Valentino - Aaron Thorsen

Tru Valentino plays Aaron Thorsen in The Rookie, a wealthy influencer and former murder suspect who took his life in a fresh direction by joining the LAPD. He has since become close with Celina Juarez and many are hoping their relationship will take a romantic turn going into Season 6.

Having sustained major injuries during the Season 5 finale, a shocking cliffhanger saw him declared Code Blue in hospital, leaving his fate uncertain. Although fans are anticipating Thorsen will make a smooth recovery in the early episodes, this experience could spark major changes in his attitude and career path.

Valentino voiced Black Panther in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends and has also featured in Fast & Furious Spy Racers and Kung Fu Panda: The Dark Knight.

Jenna Dewan - Bailey Nune

The Rookie, Jenna Dewan - Bailey Nune

Jenna Dewan will return as Bailey Nune for The Rookie Season 6 and will likely be more important than ever in the early episodes as her wedding to John Nolan nears and finally takes place in Episode 2.

As usual, Bailey ought to continue being more than just a romantic interest for Nolan, as she frequently becomes involved in the team's latest cases thanks to her job as a firefighter and parademic. 

Dewan has previously had roles in The Resident, Supergirl, Superman and Lois, Witches of East End, American Horror Story, and more.

Shawn Ashmore - Wesley Evers

The Rookie, Shawn Ashmore - Wesley Evers

Played by Shawn Ashmore, Wesley Evers, the assistant district attorney and husband to Angela Lopez will return for Season 6. As usual, both his family and professional life will prove important in the coming episodes, especially after the birth of his as-yet-unnamed daughter.

Wesley and Angela may well have a familiar threat to deal with in Season 6, as last season saw regular antagonist Elijah Stone meet Oscar Hutchinson in prison. Stone then asked Hutchinson if he had "any good revenge stories." The Rookie may well be planning a team-up of the two troublemakers to threaten the team in Season 6.

Ashmore appeared in the early X-Men movies as Iceman and played former Seven member Lamplighter in The Boys.

Arjay Smith - James Murray

The Rookie, Arjay Smith - James Murray

Arjay Smith will continue to play James Murray, the husband of Nyla Harper and father to her second daughter, going into Season 6.

On top of continuing their family journey after their daughter was born last season, James ought to remain as involved as ever in the local community. James spends much of his time trying to improve the lives of those around him, which often results in him being pulled into the squad's latest cases.

Smith appeared in Malcolm in the Middle, Perception, Sons of Anarchy, The Day After Tomorrow, The Guest Book, Sacrifice, and more.

Danielle Campbell - Blair

Danielle Campbell, The Originals
The CW

Danielle Campbell will board The Rookie in a recurring guest role for Season 6, making her debut in the premiere as Blair, an LAPD psychiatrist - via TVLine.

Before joining The Rookie for Season 6, Campbell was a key player on The Originals and had roles in Prison Break and The Runaways.

Kristian Bruun - New Villain

The Rookie, Kristian Bruun

Kristian Bruun was revealed in the cliffhanger twist of The Rookie Season 5 who had masterminded the attacks against the LAPD before driving away in an escalade and teasing his real "target:"

"Weaponizing Luke Moran against the LAPD has driven every cop in the city away from our target. And by the time they realize the damage we've done, we'll be long gone."

The mystery villain is expected to play a major role in The Rookie Season 6 as a fresh antagonist for the squad. But it's unclear whether this will be limited to the early episodes or be a threat that spans the whole season.

Before his mysterious debut on The Rookie, Bruun had featured on The Recruit, Murdoch Mysteries, Orphan Black, and Snowpiercer

The Rookie Season 6 will premiere on Tuesday, February 20 on ABC and Hulu.

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