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Saving Grace and Stillwater alum Gregory Cruz appears to join the cast of Station 19 Season 7, Episode 7. 

Episode 7, "Give it All," sees the titular crew of the Seattle Fire Department in a clash against the Tulalip Tribe over a potential fire hazard. Elsewhere in the episode, Maya tries to make peace with her brother, Mason. 

Station 19 Season 7, Episode 7 premiered on ABC on May 9. The episode can also be streamed on Hulu.

Every Main Cast Member of Station 19 Season 7 Episode 7

Jaina Lee Ortiz - Captain Andy Herrera

Jaina Lee Ortiz as Captain Andy Herrera in Station 19 Season 7, Episode 7
Jaina Lee Ortiz

Jaina Lee Ortiz reprises her role as Station 19 Captain Andy Herrera in Season 7, Episode 7. 

At the center of Andy's dilemma is her team's conflict with the Tulalip Tribe who argues that they have a permit to perform a prayer circle that includes a good amount of smoke and fire. 

There is one problem, however, since they are doing their ritual beside a gender-reveal party that has fireworks waiting to be launched into the sky. 

Ortiz's most recognizable role is playing Detective Annalise Villa in Rosewood. The actress can also be seen in Girls Trip, The After, and Grey's Anatomy

Jason George - Ben Warren

Jason George as Ben Warren in Station 19 Season 7, Episode 7
Jason George

Jason George stars as Ben Warren, a surgical resident-turned-firefighter who is a valuable member of Station 19. 

While a good chunk of the team deals with the forest fire mishap, Episode 7 sees Ben going back to surgical roots as he helps a woman with a nail on her arm seeking help at the station. 

George previously appeared in Sunset Beach, Breaking In, and Kidnap.

Danielle Savre - Maya Bishop

Danielle Savre as Maya Bishop in Station 19 Season 7 Episode 7
Danielle Savre

The story of Danielle Savre's Maya Bishop is front and center in Station 19 Season 7, Episode 7. 

Maya's struggles when it comes to her family are showcased as she desperately tries to reunite with her brother and keep him in check. However, the reunion doesn't go as planned as hurtful words are thrown by each other.

This is on top of the fact that she is close to the final stages of her hormone treatment. 

Fans may recognize Savre for her roles in Heroes, Malcolm in the Middle, and Supernatural.

Cameron Cowperthwaite - Mason Bishop 

Cameron Cowperthwaite as Mason Bishop in Station 19 Season 7, Episode 7
Cameron Cowperthwaite

Mason Bishop (played by Cameron Cowperthwaite) is Maya's brother who appears to be heading towards a lost path. 

Station 19 Season 7, Episode 7 reveals that Mason is now living with several other men whom he was protesting with during the Pride Parade in the previous installment. 

Making matters worse, Mason tells Maya that he doesn't accept the fact that she is bisexual and married to another woman. 

Cowperthwaite has several notable appearances, such as playing Ryan Pavich in Sugar, Grant in 9-1-1: Lone Star, and Steven Hicks in Netflix's Monster.

Stefania Spampinato - Carina DeLuca

Stefania Spampinato as Carina Deluca in Station 19 Season 7, Episode 7
Stefania Spampinato

Stefania Spampinato is back as Carina DeLuca in Episode 7.

Carina is Maya's wife who has her own set of challenges dealing with her malpractice suit. It is revealed that she is willing to go the extra mile in helping Nina and her mother for a better life. 

Spampinato is best known for her appearances in Darkness Falls, The Chosen Ones, and Two Wolves.

Gregory Cruz - Captain Elliot Henderson

Gregory Cruz as Captain Elliot Henderson in Station 19 Season 7, Episode 7
Gregory Cruz

Gregory Cruz guest stars as Captain Elliot Henderson of the Tulalip Reservation in Station 19 Season 7, Episode 7. 

Captain Henderson appears to inform the Tulalip Tribe that their prayer circle may cause more harm if it continues since it is near an area that will ignite some fireworks. 

Henderson's arrival helps Captain Andy and the rest of Station 19 to fend off the forest fire that started. 

Saving Grace fans may recognize Cruz for his role as Detective Bobby Stillwater. The actor also has credits in Dexter: New Blood and Mayans M.C

Kimberly Norris-Guerrero - Julie

Kimberly Norris-Guerrero as Julie in Station 19 Season 7, Episode 7
Kimberly Norris-Guerrero

Another newcomer to the world of Station 19 is Kimberly Norris-Guerrero as Julie. 

Julie is a member of the Tulalip Tribe who tries to make Andy understand that the prayer circle that they are doing is not illegal. 

Norris-Guerrero has over 40 credits to her name, with roles in Seinfeld, Rutherford Falls, and The English.

Barrett Doss - Victoria Hughes

Barrett Doss as Victoria Hughes in Station 19 Season 7, Episode 7
Barrett Doss

Barrett Doss reprises her role as Victoria Hughes, a firefighter at Station 19 who has had her fair share of ups and downs during her tenure at the Seattle Fire Department. 

Amid the station's budget crisis, Victoria tells them that they need to find a different source of funding for Crisis One, such as finding national-level grants. 

Doss has credits in The Noel Diary, Marshall, and Iron Fist.

Josh Randall - Sean Beckett

Josh Randall as Sean Beckett in Station 19 Season 7, Episode 7
Josh Randall

Josh Randall plays Sean Beckett, a firefighter who went into rehab and is on a path toward redemption in Season 7. 

Beckett comforts Maya after her intense confrontation with her brother, telling her that it is the right thing to cut him off (based on his experience of past trauma). 

Randall is famous for his role as Mike Burton in Ed. The actor also has credits in Ozark and Quarry.

Carlos Miranda - Theo Ruiz

Carlos Miranda as Theo Ruiz in Station 19 Season 7, Episode 7
Carlos Miranda

Carlos Miranda appears as Theo Ruiz, a lieutenant at Station 19 and the previous acting captain in Season 6. 

Season 7, Episode 7 sees Theo rallying the remaining members at the station to help an injured woman who has a huge nail through her arm. It is also clear that he has yet to be comfortable with his private EMT business. 

Miranda's notable credits include The Bling Ring, Warrior, and Dallas.

Johnny Sibilly - Dominic 

Johnny Sibilly as Dominic in Station 19 Season 7, Episode 7
Johnny Sibilly

Johnny Sibilly brings Dominic to life in Episode 7. 

Dominic is one of Theo's private EMTs who assists the remaining firefighters in making sure that the injured woman is alive and well. 

Sibilly is best known for his roles as Wilson in Hacks, Costas in Pose, and Noah Hernandez in Queer as Folk

Cameron Esposito - Paula

Cameron Esposito as Paula in Station 19 Season 7, Episode 7
Cameron Esposito

Cameron Esposito joins the cast of Station 19 Season 7 as Paula, the injured woman seeking assistance after a nail went through her arm. 

Esposito's most recognizable roles are playing Cameron in Take My Wife and Greta in A Million Little Things.

Jay Hayden - Travis Montgomery

Jay Hayden as Travis Montgomery in Station 19 Season 7, Episode 7
Jay Hayden

Jay Hayden returns as openly gay firefighter, Travis Montgomery, in Station 19 Season 7. 

Travis appears to be attracted to Theo's new EMT, Dominic. He also helps in assisting the injured construction worker who has a nail through her arm. 

Hayden is known for his roles in SEAL Team, The Catch, and Battleground.

New episodes of Station 19 Season 7 premiere every Thursday on ABC at 10 p.m. E.T. 

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