Star Wars Reveals Snoke's Surprising Connection To The Old Republic

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Snoke, Amaxines

Star Wars: The High Republic is set to dive deep into an unexplored era in the galaxy far, far, away, placing the focus on the Golden Age of the Jedi while also teasing the threats of the Dark Side that are lurking in the shadows. The High Republic era will be first explored in a series of prequel stories that will be launched by Lucasfilm Publishing this January, starting with Charles Soule's The Light of the Jedi.  

Soule previously described The Light of the Jedi as an “epic disaster” featuring the combined efforts of the Jedi and the Republic to save lives from a multitude of threats. On top of that, it was revealed by the veteran Star Wars author that the scale of The High Republic will be “wild” and “massive.”

Aside from the publishing side of things, the High Republic era will debut in live-action through The Acolyte, with the series being touted as a “mystery thriller” that will look to explore the Dark Side of the Force. Lucasfilm is clearly laying the foundation for this timeline to be the next big thing for Star Wars. 

And now, it looks like The High Republic will have an intriguing connection to the sequel trilogy of the Skywalker Saga. 


Charles Soule, the author of The Light of the Jedi, confirmed in a tweet that the Amaxine station from The High Republic: Into the Dark was featured in his Rise of Kylo Ren mini-series.

Kylo Ren Station
Rise of Kylo Ren

Interestingly, the aforementioned location ultimately became Supreme Leader Snoke's space station during the sequel trilogy. This is also where Ben Solo met Snoke after destroying Luke Skywalker's Jedi Temple. 

For context, the Amaxines were a group of ancient warriors that originated from the dawn of the Galactic Republic. The Amaxine warriors had a unique barter system that involved trading weapons for goods and services.

At some point during their existence, it was believed that they left the galaxy to search for another one since the Old Republic was deemed too powerful for them to conquer. The life of the warriors will be chronicled in Into the Dark when it releases in February 2021.  

Reddit user IllusiveManJr was the first to point out the interesting connection to Snoke and the sequel trilogy, saying that he obtained an early copy of Into the Dark


This is a prime example of the interconnected nature of the Star Wars franchise. The connection to Snoke seemingly implies that the High Republic stories are poised to not just offer clues about the prequel trilogy of the Skywalker Saga, but also lay the groundwork for the much-talked-about sequel trilogy. 

When Snoke first appeared during Star Wars: The Force Awakens, many assumed that he would end up as the big bad of the sequels, but his untimely death during The Last Jedi proved otherwise. Instead, the villain was placed on the sidelines to elevate Kylo Ren even more while also being used as a plot device to explain the sudden revival of Emperor Palpatine during The Rise of Skywalker

This new information could end up being more than an Easter egg, as it could set the stage for an eventual appearance of the villain in The Mandalorian. The hit Star Wars show already hinted that the origins of Snoke will be thoroughly explored in future seasons, and there's a chance that this space station could end up being featured as a vital piece of the Supreme Leader's backstory. 

On the flip side, it's understandable that some fans might be unfamiliar with the Amaxine warriors, as they have only been featured in a number of tie-in books, most notably Claudia Gray's Bloodline. Given that Star Wars is now entering a new chapter after the Skywalker Saga, it's possible that these ancient beings will be finally showcased in live-action at some point. 

The transmedia approach of Star Wars has been beneficial ever since the franchise's conception, and it seems that this strategy will be embraced even more due to the arrival of numerous projects that are intimately connected to one another. 

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