Star Wars Confirms 3 Phases For The High Republic

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The future of Star Wars lies in the past since the franchise will look to dive deep into an unexplored time of the galaxy far, far, away in the form of The High Republic era . This new phase is expected to redefine fans' knowledge of the Jedi, the Sith, and the Force , giving them a thorough breakdown of the three elements like never before.

The series of prequel stories will be led by Charles Soule's Light of The Jedi , which will be followed by a string of books to recap the golden age of the Jedi . It was already established by Lucasfilm that this new project will feature strong connections to the larger Skywalker Saga, as evidenced by the inclusion of the younger version of Jedi Master Yoda and several Easter eggs that are directly tied to the sequel trilogy.

And now, an interesting tidbit about Star Wars: The High Republic has emerged, teasing fans of what to expect about the upcoming project.


Lucasfilm officially confirmed that The High Republic will be split into three phases namely Light of the Jedi , Quest of the Jedi , and Trials of the Jedi .

Director of Creative Franchise at Disney– Lucasfilm Press Michael Siglain confirmed that Phase 1 "will run through 2021 into 2022," teasing that there will be a "steady stream of books and comics and magazines coming your way on a monthly basis."

The High Republic Three Phases
From Lucasfilm

Along with the reveal, a new trailer teasing the “ exciting new era of storytelling” for the Star Wars franchise was also released.


Based on this reveal, it looks like The High Republic will somehow follow the similar format of the Marvel Cinematic Universe while still paying homage to the three-part storytelling of the Skywalker Saga. Given the medium that will be used, it was confirmed during the virtual panel that the narrative will be far more laid out than the movies, giving the authors more freedom to expand the story as they see fit.

Phase 1 which is being touted as Light of The Jedi seems to focus on how the Jedi thrived during the High Republic era, showing off the different advancements that the Order utilized to gain success in maintaining peace throughout the galaxy. Of course, challenges will be imminent due to the arrival of otherworldly villains like the Nihil and the Drengar , setting the stage for storylines that will be featured in the next chapter.

Phase 2, otherwise known as Quest of The Jedi , appears poised to tell galaxy-spanning adventures that will continue to redefine the lore surrounding the Jedi and the Force.

By connecting the dots, the two phases will eventually lead to the endgame of The High Republic series, otherwise known as Phase 3 or Trials of The Jedi . This could be where the Dark Side of the Force takes center stage, potentially corrupting some Jedi Knights along the way.

As it is, the breakdown of the three phases is strictly speculation, but it should give fans an idea of what's to come for this mysterious time in the galaxy.

All in all, Star Wars: The High Republic has the potential to change Star Wars in exciting ways.

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