Disney Announces Historic Cable TV Release for New Star Wars Show

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Star Wars Andor

Select episodes of Andor will be shown on cable television channels for Thanksgiving and ahead of the show's season finale. 

While Andor on Disney+ is both a prequel and spin-off to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the series led by Cassian Andor's Diego Luna has been a Star Wars project like none other.

In addition to its unique formulaic structure, lightsabers and Skywalkers have been noticeably absent; and in their place, Star Wars' most mature, complex, and intelligent content to date.

Despite being a critics' darling, Andor has struggled in terms of viewership. But that all could change when the Star Wars series breaks the mold once more in a historic release beyond that of Disney+.

Andor Episodes Airing on ABC and Hulu For Thanksgiving

Andor Star Wars
Star Wars

According to a new press release from Disney, the first two episodes of Andor are set to air on ABC, FX, Freeform, and Hulu for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Part of this release coincides with the release of the show's season finale premiering on Wednesday, November 23, on Disney+.

This move is historic in several ways. 

Not only is it the first Disney+ original to have aired on cable and TV, but Andor's two-episode release on Hulu marks the first time a Disney+ original has been offered on another streaming service within the U.S. 

Disney's announcement also makes Andor the first Disney+ series to have received a multi-platform release across Disney-owned channels, such as ABC and Freeform. 

Andor Schedule

Plus, the move marks the first time a Disney+ original has enjoyed a release/re-release so close to the initial release of its premiere episodes. 

Why is Disney Breaking the Rules with Andor?

At first glance, the decision to air a Disney+ original's first two episodes on cable and Hulu isn't just jarring, it's odd. Not only is there little to no precedent but Episode 12 of Andor premieres on Disney+ the same day its first two episodes air on ABC on stream on Hulu.

And if that isn't strange enough, those same two episodes air on cable in the days following Episode 12's release. 

The reason for the decision, and its unorthodox release schedule, comes from what has become a mantra and battle cry in Andor - the need to "climb."

Again, while the Diego Luna-led series has been a critical success and widely hailed by its audience, the show's numbers have paled in comparison to that of Tales of the Jedi and Obi-Wan Kenobi

Much of this is likely due to the fact that it's not geared toward a broad audience.

While general audiences probably haven't recognized it due to its lack of iconic Star Wars characters, Andor isn't for kids, which is one of the franchise's key demographics. 

Instead, Andor is geared toward adults; and, in some ways, adults who aren't invested in the lore and probably don't have a Disney+ subscription. 

What better way to reach those adults than by introducing them to the series via cable and Hulu when they're off work and done with their Thanksgiving meals and shopping?

Not only will this move introduce Andor to a wider audience and increase its numbers, but it could also increase the number of Disney+ subscribers.

The question now is what Disney will do next to keep those new adult subscribers once Andor has finished its season run. And, will this surprising move from Disney become a precedent for other Disney+ shows and films in the future?

New episodes of Andor debut on Wednesdays on Disney+.

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