Marvel Studios Announces Historic Hulu Debut for MCU Show

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Fans will get to experience a recent MCU Disney+ show on Hulu starting soon.

Disney+ has become a major platform for the MCU since Marvel Studios began releasing episodic television series on the platform starting with WandaVision in 2020.

Since then, eight different shows have aired exclusively on the streaming service, and the ninth, Secret Invasion, currently brings new episodes on Wednesdays.

Since MCU shows began streaming on Disney+, they have only ever been available to watch on that specific platform aside from a special theatrical release of Ms. Marvel in Pakistan. 

Secret Invasion Comes to Hulu

Marvel Studios announced on Twitter that the first three episodes of Secret Invasion will be available to stream on Hulu starting tomorrow, July 21.

Secret Invasion, Hulu
Marvel Studios

This is the first time ever that a Marvel Studios-produced Disney+ show will be available to stream on the Hulu platform. Subscribers will be able to watch those first three episodes until Thursday, August 17.

This also continues a trend for the near future, as it was recently announced that Ms. Marvel will be available to watch on ABC's cable television channel. The first three episodes air on August 5, and the final three episodes air on August 12.

Why Secret Invasion Will Be On Hulu

The most likely reason that Secret Invasion will be available to stream on a different platform than Disney+ is to get as many eyes on the project as possible.

The show had the second-lowest premiere viewership of any MCU series on Disney+ with 994,000 viewers, and the only other title that was lower was Ms. Marvel.

Ms. Marvel's debut episode only received 775,000 viewers on Disney+, and that mixed with the recent confirmation that it will soon be making an appearance on cable is probably a strategy to get more people on Disney+ as well as to raise the viewership of the show in general.

Since the two lowest-viewed MCU shows on the streaming service are the only two to be venturing out to other platforms, it only makes sense that it is due to them not hitting the numbers that both Marvel Studios and Disney want them to be at.

If another series premiere in the future doesn't at least crack 1 million viewers, fans can probably expect it to be available in other places as well similar to Ms. Marvel and Secret Invasion.

The first five episodes of Secret Invasion are available to stream on Disney+, and the sixth and final episode will be premiering Wednesday, July 26.

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