Star Wars: Andor's Next Trailer Receives Imminent Release Date

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Lucasfilm's Star Wars saga is fast approaching the release date for the last of its three 2022 live-action Disney+ shows in Diego Luna's Star Wars: Andor, which begins streaming on Disney+ on August 31. Cassian Andor will take on his own solo series after making his mark alongside Felicity Jones' Jyn Erso in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, giving more depth to his character before that movie's tragic ending.

Thus far, the promotional tour for Andor hasn't made a lot of waves, although the first trailer gave fans some great insight into the show during Star Wars Celebration 2022 in Anaheim. Still images have also teased the inclusion of a new round of droids and some incredible action sequences as Andor brings his best against the rising might of the Empire.

With the show's premiere only a month away, fans are slowly getting more details about what to expect in Cassian Andor's solo series, albeit through short clips showing little bits of new footage here and there. Now, that's all set to change thanks to news about when the next full trailer will release, and it won't be long until that happens. 

Next Andor Trailer On the Way

Good Morning America announced on Twitter that Cassian Andor star Diego Luna will be a guest on the show tomorrow, August 1. In this interview, he is set to bring the second full trailer for Lucasfilm's Disney+ series, Star Wars: Andor, which begins streaming on August 31.

"TOMORROW ON GMA: Diego Luna joins us LIVE with a special and exclusive GMA first look at the all-new trailer for #Andor, a new Star Wars series streaming soon only on Disney+!"

Andor Release Imminent After New Trailer

With only a few more weeks until Star Wars: Andor premieres on Disney+, it seems only right that audiences are about to get a new look at the latest Star Wars spin-off ahead of its debut.

This series will continue offering a look at the pre-original trilogy era just as Obi-Wan Kenobi did earlier this summer, allowing Diego Luna to flesh out the hero he becomes before he and Jyn Erso help acquire the Death Star plans. Going back five full years before Rogue One, this series will expand on that timeframe as Andor makes his name in various circles across the galaxy.

Andor's second trailer should help provide more insight into the leading character's story after the first one set the tone for how the title will look and feel.  With plans already set for this show to continue for another few years after Season 1, the first dozen episodes will be key to setting up where Andor and his crew will go as the Empire expands its power ahead of the original trilogy.

Star Wars: Andor will begin streaming on Disney+ on Wednesday, August 31.

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