Star Wars: Andor Disney+ Show Reveals New Droid Character (Photos)

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Andor new droid Disney Plus

The new, forthcoming  Star Wars series Andor is fast approaching. Due out in August, the show serves as a prequel to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and stars Diego Luna, reprising his role as the title character, Cassian Andor. The first season is confirmed to be set five years before Rogue One/A New Hope while season 2 will have a series of time jumps that fill in the rest of the five-year gap.

Droids are ever-present in the Star Wars galaxy. Some are looked upon as friends and companions, while others are simply viewed as workhorses, tools to complete a job with. Nevertheless, there have been several famous droids in the franchise. There's C-3PO, R2-D2, BB-8, K-2SO to name a few. The most recent Star Wars series on Disney+, Obi-Wan Kenobi, also debuted a couple more likable robotic characters in the form of L0-LA59 and the large, wordless NED-B loader droid.

It seems with every new installment in the franchise as of late, there's a new droid pal that goes along with it, and Andor seems to be no exception.

Brand New Andor Droid Shown

A new convention-exclusive Star Wars: The Black Series action figure set has been unveiled (via In Demand Toys) by the toy company. The figures in question are of Diego Luna's Cassian Andor and an all-new droid design with the designation B2EMO.

It is presently unknown exactly which convention this exclusive belongs to, but the smart money is on San Diego Comic-Con. It should be noted though that these figures will not be available on-site at SDCC, and would likely only be available through Hasbro Pulse, their direct-to-consumer online store. Check out the box set below:

The packaging features a slick red, black and white color scheme with the figures themselves being stored on either side of the box.

Black Series Andor set

Cassian comes packed with a blaster-pistol.

Black Series Andor figures

The six-inch scale Cassian Andor figure is fully articulated and can hit a variety of poses.

Black Series Cassian Andor

The segments on B2EMO seem to be extendable.

Black Series B2EMO

Hasbro has applied their proprietary PhotoReal "face printing" technology to the figure's head sculpt.

Black Series Cassian Andor

It's through PhotoReal that a better likeness to Luna can be achieved than through simple paint applications.

Black Series Cassian Andor

What Kind of Droid is B2EMO?

B2EMO boasts a design that hasn't been seen yet in Star Wars. Besides the interesting name and the fact that they look like something Domino's would use to deliver pizza to its customers, nothing is known about this little droid.

Are they friend or foe? What is their primary function? How much screentime does the droid get in the season? It's entirely possible that B2EMO, in classic Star Wars tradition, only shows up for a scene or two and then doesn't appear again. Or perhaps they're only in the background?

Still, it's also just as likely that B2EMO could tag along with Cassian on many of his adventures in the first season, serving as a sort of precursor to K-2SO. Fans will recall that Kaytoo, a reprogrammed Imperial security droid, was Cassian's faithful companion until he was destroyed at the end of Rogue One. The character has been confirmed to be absent from Andor's first season, but it has been heavily implied that he'll join the cast at some point in season two.

In the meantime, fans will surely fall in love with B2EMO, even though K-2SO, a noted fan favorite, is likely on his way to the show.

Star Wars: Andor will premiere on Disney+ on August 31.

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