Star Wars: Diego Luna Spotted In New Set Photo From Cassian Andor Disney+ Show

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Andor is set to open up an unexplored timeline from the Skywalker Saga: five years before the game-changing events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The series will feature the return of Diego Luna's Cassian Andor, following his exploits and adventures throughout the galaxy for the undermanned Rebellion. 

Plot details are still being kept under wraps, but the tone of the show has been teased to be quite similar to Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, seemingly hinting that it will explore a much darker tone compared to other shows. Andor will also showcase a star-studded cast, with the likes of Stellan Skarsgard and Genevieve O'Reilly joining the planet-hopping adventure. 

Production is currently underway for Andor, as evidenced by a wide array of set photos and videos that already surfaced online. From large sets to an introduction of an unknown planet, it seems that the upcoming Star Wars project will be filled with exciting locations.

Now, new footage from the set of Andor has emerged.  


Star Wars Andor
Star Wars

Fantha Tracks posted a new set photo from the production of Andor, showcasing lead actor Diego Luna boarding an unidentified space vehicle alongside a coastal defender stormtrooper:

Another batch of set photos offered clearer looks at Luna on the coastal set:

In Star Wars canon, a coastal defender stormtrooper is usually stationed in tropical environments. This shooting location suggests that Cassian will indeed encounter one of these troopers. As a result, the titular character might've been captured due to his actions. 

Meanwhile, Bespin Bulletin, via Reddit user endresz, also shared a new set video from the same location in the show's production in Clevelys. 

The video shows an intense action sequence potentially involving an unknown droid and several armed men:

A zoomed-in version of the video, courtesy of Bespin Bulletin, revealed that Luna is present in the scene, presumably saving innocent civilians:



It's no secret that previous set photos of Andor didn't give many details about the plot of the series, but these newly released shots could provide more insight into the dangerous missions of Diego Luna's Cassian. 

The first set photo where it shows Cassian alongside a stormtrooper presents many story possibilities. There's a strong chance that the Rebel hero is captured by the Empire at one point, thus spelling trouble for the titular character. 

On the flip side, it's possible that Cassian chose to be captured by the stormtrooper. By doing this, it gives him a prime opportunity to save innocent civilians from the inside, ultimately leading to the thrilling battle that is shown in the set video. 

The actor in the mo-cap suit could be the first look at the show's KX-series security droid, but previous reports suggest that this is not Alan Tudyk's beloved K-2SO from Rogue One. Given that the character will not appear in the series (for now), it seems that Andor will look to show how the K-2 droids are dangerous in battle. 

This makes narrative sense since the K-2 droids are originally from the Empire's battalion of weapons, and this could give a contrasting look at one of the fan-favorite characters from the 2016 Star Wars film. 

Andor has the potential to reveal more secrets about the Empire and the Rebel Alliance, and it will be interesting to find out how everything will unfold. 

Andor is set to premiere sometime in 2022 on Disney+. 

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