Star Wars Confirms 10 Andor Easter Eggs Linking to The Mandalorian & More

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Andor has been widely praised by critics ever since its debut on Disney+ despite minimal references to the larger Star Wars franchise. Despite that, the latest breakdown from Lucasfilm has revealed that there are still Easter eggs present in the Diego Luna-led series. 

One of the characters introduced in the series is Stellan Skarsgard's Luthen Rael, who has been serving as a sort of double agent for the Rebellion. On Coruscant, Luthen is the owner of Galactic Antiquities and Objects of Interest, but this shop also served as a front for his rebel dealings. 

Aside from being a clever cover for the Rebellion, Luthen's shop is also home to major Star Wars Easter eggs. 

10 Andor Easter Eggs to the Galaxy Far, Far, Away 

Star Wars compiled a list of Easter eggs from Luthen's Galactic Antiquities and Objects of Interest that have ties to the galactic franchise.

1.) Amidala-Style Headpiece 

Star Wars

Andor managed to sneak Padme Amidala's headpiece in Episode 10. It is unknown if this is the exact artifact of the princess from Naboo, but it is likely a replica. 

2.) Mandalorian Armor

Mandalorian Armor, Andor
Star Wars 

It seems that Luthen has a thing for Beskar as a Mandalorian armor can be seen in his collection. While Andor and The Mandalorian's events are set apart, this Easter egg serves as a pretty good connection between the two highly-talked-about Star Wars shows.

3.) Jedi Temple Guard Mask

Andor, Luthen
Star Wars

As first seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the Jedi Temple Guard Mask makes its unexpected live-action debut in Andor as one of Luthen's most-prized possessions. Who knows? Maybe Luthen encountered a Jedi at some point before his rebel dealings.

4.) Sankara Stones

Luthen, Andor
Star Wars

A surprising nod to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was revealed as Sankara stones can be seen in the background of Luthen's collection.

5.) Sith Holocron

Luthen, Andor
Star Wars

A Sith Holocron is also present in the backroom of Luthen's collections, which is a major artifact in Star Wars Rebels

6.) Starkiller’s Dark Lord Helmet

Luthen, Andor
Star Wars

Starkiller's Dark Lord Helmet serves as a major reference to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game, and seeing it in physical form should excite diehard fans. 

7.) Wookiee Helmet

Luthen, Mon Mothma, Andor
Star Wars

As seen in Andor Episode 4, a traditional war-time Wookie helmet appeared in the background, seemingly hinting that Luthen might have good ties with them at some point.

8.) Gungan Shield

Star Wars

This Gungan shield is part of Luthen's backdoor collection in Andor, an artifact used by the Gungan army during the Battle of Naboo in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

9.) World Between Worlds Tablet

Star Wars

The World Between Worlds tablet is a major artifact from Star Wars: Rebels, and it seems that Luthen may or may not be aware that it holds utmost importance.

10.) Carbonite Blocks

Star Wars

One of Han Solo's iconic scenes in the Star Wars franchise was being placed in a carbonite block by Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back. It seems that Luthen also has a fascination with carbonite blocks but in a more subtle way. 

Will Andor Season 2 Include More Star Wars Easter Eggs?

Although Andor didn't have the usual ties to the Star Wars franchise like lightsabers and the Force, this latest list managed to highlight that the show still has fascinating Easter eggs from the galaxy far, far, away.

As the Season 1 finale already premiered (no spoilers here), fans may be wondering if more such Easter eggs will be included in Season 2, especially since the upcoming batch of episodes will lead up to the events of Rogue One

While elements such as the Force will potentially be still lacking in Andor Season 2, major characters from Rogue One could be referenced like Orson Krennic or Rebel figures like Saw Gerrera could take more prominent roles in several installments.

Andor Season 1 proved that less Easter eggs to Star Wars works wonders, and hopefully, Season 2 will follow its lead. 

Andor Season 1 is now streaming on Disney+.

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