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Andor, Star Wars, Finale

The critically acclaimed Star Wars Disney+ series Andor has almost completed its first season, and now fans have the briefest tease about what's to come.

Simply put, the world seems to be very fond of Cassian Andor's. There’s so much to love—well-written political intrigue, the gritty start to a rebellion, and a tension-filled heist, just to name a few examples.

One of the biggest standouts of the season was the inclusion of Andy Serkis’ Kino Loy, whose fate remains a mystery. Perhaps one saved for Season 2?

Before fans get there, however, they’ll have to see how the show’s freshman run concludes.

While the finale is only days away, Lucasfilm has given fans a short trailer for the highly anticipated episode.

Andor's Season Finale Gets A Trailer

Lucasfilm has released a brand new trailer for Andor's upcoming season finale on Twitter, which includes the briefest tease of the people of Ferrix pushing back against Empire occupation.

Andor, Finale

It's clearly going to get intense, seeing as there will somehow be explosions on the street, seemingly within the crowd.

Andor, Finale

The entire teaser can be seen below.

Andor Returns to Ferrix?

Given how last week's episode ended, it seems all but certain that Cassian Andor will be returning to Ferrix following the death of his mother. Needless to say, he isn't going to come back to the warmest greeting.

While the fate of Andor is known, that of the people on Ferrix is not—so the upcoming finale could easily boast a notable body count. Could Adria Arjona's Bix Caleen be in danger of not making it to Season 2?

Hopefully, no matter how the show chooses to end its first season, the wait for its continuation won't be too difficult. Or, at least, any more difficult than it'll be to wait until 2024 for Season 2.

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