Did Kino Loy Die? Andor’s Andy Serkis Responds to Star Wars Return Possibility

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Andy Serkis has commented on whether his character survived the events of Andor, as well as his own interest in directing an episode for the Star Wars Disney+ series. 

Lucasfilm's latest Disney+ series may be titled Andor, but Diego Luna's future rebel leader is far from the show's only star. In addition to Stellan Skarsgård's Luthen Rael and Dedra Meero played by Denise Gough, Andor's latest fan-favorite character is prisoner Kino Loy, played by actor and director Andy Serkis. 

Serkis is no stranger to tentpole franchises, including that galaxy far, far away. 

Back in 2015, The Lord of the Rings and Planet of the Apes star portrayed Supreme Leader Snoke in The Force Awakens

Since his role was (literally) cut short in 2017's The Last Jedi, Star Wars fans were surprised to see the actor return as a human character and one who leads the prison bloc where Cassian finds himself. 

Andy Serkis Comments on Kino Loy's Death

Warning - The rest of this article contains spoilers for Andor Episode 10.

In Episode 10 of Andor, Andy Serkis' character of Kino Loy was instrumental in the series' three-episode prison arc and its breakout sequence.

Andy Serkis Kino Loy Andor

However, Loy's "one way out" battle cry that rallied the prisoners to escape wasn't a way out for him. 

As the newly freed prisoners escaped by jumping into the water surrounding the facility, Loy, after Cassian questions his hesitancy, confessed, "I can't swim."

Before Cassian can get to Loy, he's pushed into the water by the droves of escaping prisoners. 

Andor Star Wars

The episode concludes with Cassian and his fellow inmate, Melshi, making it to shore under the cover of night.

Andor Star Wars

Whether Loy jumped to his death or chose to remain trapped on the facility is unknown as those events transpired off-screen. 

When questioned as to whether Loy survived and will return in Season 2, the actor told Collider "I don't know, we'll have to see what everybody thinks of it:"

"Oh wow, I hadn’t thought of that. I mean, the thing is, yeah, that would be an amazing thing. I don’t know what the future holds for Kino Loy. Who knows? He might be stuck on that ship, or whatever, I don’t know. But let’s see. I haven’t had any discussions yet. But I don’t know, we’ll have to see what everybody thinks of it and the outcome."

In addition to his impressive resume of masterful performances, which now includes Andor, Andy Serkis is also a director, with his latest film being 2021's Venom: Let There Be Carnage

As to whether he has an interest in returning to Andor but behind the camera, Serkis was much more direct, saying, "the short answer to your question is yeah:"

"Look, even if Kino Loy goes no further, the short answer to your question is yeah, that would be a thrilling thing to do, to be part of the other side of it, on the other side of the camera for this world would be amazing."

The Odds of a Kino Loy Comeback for Andor's Sophomore Season

It's a well-known fact in entertainment that if a character dies off-screen, they're probably coming back.  

The problem with that thinking in terms of Kino Loy is that he's in Andor, and the series has shown no interest in playing to tropes, cameos, or expectations

In fact, it wouldn't be surprising if Andor never reveals what happened to Kino, especially since his story arc came full circle in this latest episode. 

However, since the reception for Serkis' performance has been overwhelmingly positive, showrunner Tony Gilroy may be open to a cameo from his own making in Season 2

And, the fact that Serkis said he hasn't "had any discussions yet" suggests that Gilroy never confirmed Kino's fate to the actor, intentionally leaving the door open for a reprisal.

Whether Serkis will direct a future episode of Andor is another question altogether. 

Season 1 was unique in that only three directors were brought on board to direct set blocks of episodes. 

Since Gilroy has already confirmed that Ariel Kleiman, Janus Metz, and Alonso Ruizpalacios will direct Season 2's blocks, that doesn't leave much room for Serkis. 

Still, Andor has been nothing but a surprise thus far; and if Gilroy does tap Serkis for a role either on camera or off, no doubt it will be for the purpose of the story above all else.

New episodes of Andor debut on Wednesdays on Disney+.

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