Andor Season 2: Andy Serkis Drops Major Hint About Kino Loy's Fate

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Andor Season 2 Andy Serkis Kino Loy

Andy Serkis just dropped a major hint about his return in next year's Andor Season 2 on Disney+.

Serkis' Kino Loy quickly became a fan favorite element of the Star Wars Disney+ series after he debuted in the show's eighth episode. Sadly, due to his character's inability to swim, he seemingly didn't make it to Narkina 5 with everyone else during the big breakout.

While many assumed he was dead, Lucasfilm surprised everyone when they announced that Serkis would be returning as Loy at some point in the show's sophomore run.

Andy Serkis Teases Kino Loy's Fate

Andy Serkis, Kino Loy
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While speaking with Empire MagazineAndor actor Andy Serkis gave a new hint of what became of his character, Kino Loy.

Serkis' tease was simple, one that boiled down to Loy being in quite a lonely place:

"Let’s just say that Narkina 5 is a very lonely place without other people."

Previously while speaking to ET Online, the actor admitted if Kino Loy jumped, "that would be the end of him:"

“If he jumped, that would be the end of him and he would be out of the picture... But no, he’s alive and [Kino’s] working out his next move.”

Serkis expressed excitement in returning while speaking with Collider, noting how "[he] really [does] love the character" and joking about how he assumed that Loy has been practicing his swimming techniques.

"Yeah, absolutely. I mean, if a character becomes popular, sure, sure. I seriously hope that is going to manifest because I really do love the character, and I love playing the character so much. He’s so complex and flawed and human and brave. I really love the arc of the character, and I think there’s definitely– I’m just imagining him sitting at Narkina 5 at the moment, on his own, perfecting his backstroke."

What Does the Future Hold for Kino Loy?

Kino Loy's return is undoubtedly a fun surprise for many viewers. 

But why would the story return to Narkina 5? Perhaps the Rebel Alliance will start looking into what Cassian Andor's former prison came was having everyone create and what it was all for.

Lucasfilm could truly stun fans if it took the insane approach and revealed that Kino Loy is, in fact, the man who will go on to become in the cloning of Supreme Leader Snoke—seeing as Andy Serkis played both parts.

The real question is will Loy survive his second coming? The timeline after Andor is fairly explicit, so his further involvement would be hard to weave into the narrative.

Maybe Serkis' character will quickly become an unseen Rebel legend like Hera Syndulla is by the time Ahsoka lands.

Andor's second season is expected to drop on Disney+ sometime late next year.

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