Did Star Wars: Andor Just Tease a Major Jedi Cameo?

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Andor Jedi

Leading up to Andor's three-episode debut, the Star Wars fan base was expecting the series to be a stand-alone story in more ways than one. 

In addition to being a spin-off and a prequel to 2016's Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, where audiences already know the fate of its primary character, Andor was seen as a passion project by showrunner Tony Gilroy.

Now, even though Gilroy penned Rogue One, he isn't as deep into the Star Wars lore as Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, nor was Andor intended to be a continuation of their Mando-Verse

Therefore, few fans were expecting Skywalker connections or the presence of a Jedi. In fact, it was up for debate as to whether Vader would have a role or even ignite his saber.

But as Andor continues to impress fans and critics with its brilliant subtlety and quality, the show has surprised the same with its Jedi references and potential connections.  

The Meaning Behind Andor's Kyber Crystal

In Episode 4 of Andor, Stellan Skarsgard's Luthen Rael gives Cassian Andor a blue and white Kyber crystal necklace as a down payment for his role in the Aldhani mission. 

Andor Luthen Rael

While this necklace is reminiscent of the Kyber crystal necklace Jyn Erso wears in Rogue One, Luthen's crystal is notably different. 

In Episode 5 of Andor titled "The Axe Remembers," fans not only get a better look at this crystal but also more information. 

When Arvel Skeen takes the necklace from Cassian, he tells the rest of the Rebel crew that the blue and white-colored crystal is known as Sky Kyber. 

Andor Sky Kyber

According to Star Wars lore, Kyber crystals are Force-attuned crystals that were used to power lightsabers and even the Death Star. 

In most cases, Kyber crystals were colorless before they were chosen by Jedi. 

While Sky Kyber appears to be a new addition to what fans know about Kyber crystals, the fact that it's blue may suggest that it may have been chosen by a Jedi and even powered a lightsaber. 

It's also curious that Lucasfilm chose to name this type of crystal Sky Kyber, as it's similar to the Skywalker name and Ahsoka's nickname for Anakin, "Sky Guy."

If this was intentional, it's also worth noting that Anakin's own saber was also blue and that he had reputation for being careless with this elegant weapon. 

Anakin Skywalker Kyber Crystal

In fact, audiences actually saw one of his lightsabers get cut in half during Attack of the Clones

While, again, Kyber crystals played a huge role in Rogue One and without a direct connection to a particular Jedi, Andor's Sky Kyber crystal seems to be hinting at more than that and is far from the show's first reference to the Jedi Order. 

It's also not the first to belong to Luthen. 

Luthen Rael's Other Jedi Artifacts

In Luthen's gallery, which was heavily featured in Episode 4, Jedi and Sith holocrons can clearly be seen. 

Andor Holocrons
The Direct

These storage devices can only be activated through the Force. But if a Jedi holocron and Sith holocron were opened together by both a Jedi and Sith, they would be able to answer all questions that the user wanted.

While this is one reason why the sight of two holocrons side-by-side is surprising, another is the fact that Luthen has a Jedi holocron at all. 

Since Andor takes place after Revenge of the Sith, Order 66 has already occurred and Emperor Palpatine has taken up residence in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. 

But even though most of the Jedi were wiped out, Jedi artifacts like holocrons were used by Inquisitors and Darth Vader to obtain information. 

No wonder Luthen keeps these artifacts in the backroom. But the real question is how he even obtained them, to begin with. Who else does this Coruscant shopkeeper know and is there yet another side to this character that audiences have yet to see?

Andor's Anakin Skywalker Cameo?

Since Luthen is in possession of Force-related items, and particularly those relating to Jedi, is Andor paving the way for a cameo that few fans expected? 

Back in Episode 4, Mon Mothma mentioned that she's wanting to bring someone in. Due to the timeline of both Andor and Star Wars Rebels, could this someone be Ahsoka working under the Fulcrum codename?

It would make sense given her role in the early days of the Rebellion, as well as her referring to Anakin as "Sky Guy." 

Another possibility is Anakin Skywalker as both his former self and as Darth Vader.

One of Darth Vader's greatest scenes to date occurred at the end of Rogue One; and if any Force-wielder was expected to appear, it was him. 

But at the same time, these Jedi hints may also be pointing toward Prequel-era Anakin. 

Andor has already shown us one flashback, and it appears that Hayden Christensen wasn't just brought back into the fold for Obi-Wan Kenobi but other cameos as well. 

Andor might also be teeing up a study of Coruscant without the presence of the Jedi, especially if the series intends to feature Palpatine at some point. 

However, it's just as possible that these Force-related Easter eggs aren't intended to foreshadow any Jedi or Sith at all. If anything, their presence may be a reminder of the different moral positions this show has to offer and how they can so easily blur.

For now, only time will tell. But in the meantime, Andor may be one of the best examples of how the Star Wars stories can connect to the greater universe while still bringing something new to the table. 

New episodes of Andor premiere on Wednesdays on Disney+.

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