Andrew Garfield’s MCU Spider-Man Return Just Got a Bit More Likely

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Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield hasn't held back his excitement about finally getting to play Spider-Man again after seven years away from the role, particularly with the chance to appear alongside both other live-action Spider-Man actors. But now, after the Multiverse officially became a reality within the MCU in Spider-Man: No Way Home, fans are already hoping to see him back for another round of action.

Garfield's comeback was what really pushed the hype train for this movie forward, thanks to his enthusiasm for playing the character in his two The Amazing Spider-Man movies in 2012 and 2014. He even built a close relationship with his fellow Spidey actors through this experience, which allowed him to make his MCU debut in the biggest Spider-Man solo movie to date.

The big question now after Garfield's starring role in the third Spider-Man movie is whether he'll come back to play the role again, especially having cast doubts on that possibility earlier this year.

Now, thanks to new footage in the upcoming More Fun Stuff Version releasing in theaters over the next few weeks, that comeback looks more likely than ever before.

Spider-Man Return Likely For Garfield?

Spider-Man, Andrew Garflied

A recently released clip from Spider-Man: No Way Home - The More Fun Stuff Version shows Andrew Garfield's Peter 3 expressing his desire to reunite with his fellow Peters.

In the clip, Peter 3 tells Tobey Maguire's Peter 2 "we should do this again," to which Maguire replies "you got it." This comes as part of 11 minutes of previously unseen footage that will come in the movie's extended cut.

Given the fact that Sony has put this line back into the extended version of the movie, fans can be a bit more hopeful that Garfield will be back as the Web-Slinger at some point.

Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield
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A new featurette released by Sony shows Garfield and Maguire sitting with MCU Spidey star Tom Holland and discussing their experience playing the role.

All three were thrilled to join forces in No Way Home, with Garfield noting how great it was to be "honoring the Multiverse lineage" with their inclusion in the story:

Holland: “I remember saying in an interviews years ago, ‘My dream role would be to play Spider-Man.’ And to be here today by you two is mindblowing.”

Garfield: “Who are we to starve other nerds like us of this beauty?… What this is doing, which is cool, is honoring the Multiverse lineage.”

Maguire: “It’s fun to watch it unfold, and continue to evolve, and find the unique little pass.”

Holland: “The sky’s the limit with these films. I’m just honored to be a part of it, really.”

Will Garfield Return to the MCU as Spider-Man?

Excitingly, this one line of dialogue opens the door to a potential comeback should Sony and Marvel decide to revisit the Amazing Spider-Man's place in the MCU.

With the Multiverse now open and other realities about to make their impact on the MCU, Garfield would certainly have a route to rejoin the story depending on where the Spidey story goes in the future. There were already rumors that he and Maguire would appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and even though that didn't happen, major events like Avengers: Secret Wars are still on the table for crossovers.

At least, this deleted scene makes Garfield's return possible, with his quotes from the past few months indicating that he's more than willing to suit up as the web-slinger again.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now available for home viewing. The More Fun Stuff Version of the movie will be in theaters starting on Friday, September 2 in the USA.

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