Sony's Official Spider-Man Twitter Account Responds to Trailer Leaks

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Spider-Man: No Way Doctor Strange Suit

The wait is over, Marvel fans! After months of anticipation and speculation, the official trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home has been released.

This first look of No Way Home shows Holland's Peter Parker asking Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange for help after Mysterio revealed his identity to the world. Things go wrong, realities collide, and Spider-Man villains from franchises past make their MCU debuts.

Leading up to the trailer's release, fans were clamoring for any shred of news they could find in the absence of a teaser or poster from Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios.

Unfortunately, their efforts to keep fans from spoilers didn't quite play out as they expected; and even though the trailer officially debuted today, it wasn't exactly the first many fans have seen of Holland's anticipated threequel. 


The day before CinemaCon 2021 - where the trailer was rumored to finally debut to much fanfare - a rough, unfinished version of the trailer made its way online and burned its way through the internet.

In response to the leak, Tom Holland took to Instagram where he posted "You Aint Ready!" to his stories.

Then, hours later during CinemaCon, Sony's official Spider-Man Twitter account not only shared the finished trailer but also took the opportunity to share their own acknowledgment to the previous day's debacle: "shout-out to the real ones who are watching the trailer for the first time right now."



As Sony's tweet suggests, the leak was understandably a disappointment for the studio who had held out so long in hopes of increasing fan anticipation. Many had wondered if they would acknowledge the event at all.

However, the old adage of "all publicity is good publicity" rang true in that the film has dominated the online conversation, and there was no lack of hype and expectation for today's official release.

It was also to the studio's benefit that the leaked trailer was unfinished and so poor in quality. In fact, many fans who watched it felt as if they hadn't seen much at all. 

Finally, a significant number of fans resisted the temptation to view the circulating trailer, wanting the official trailer to be their first impression of No Way Home. This group is who Sony addressed in their tweet; and if the studio was going to acknowledge the event, an expression of appreciation may have been the best course of action for the frustrated studio.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is set to release in theaters on December 17, 2021.

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