Spider-Man 3: Movie Theaters Are Using Fake Posters To Promote Tom Holland's No Way Home

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After over thirteen years of films and series, the popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is arguably the highest its ever been. Following the introduction of the MCU's multiverse in Loki, Phase 4 looks to be changing the game of the MCU, opening doors to things never previously thought to be possible.

It is this newfound opportunity that has left anticipation for December's Spider-Man: No Way Home so high. With Alfred Molina and Jamie Foxx confirmed to reprise their historic wall-crawling villain roles as Doc Ock and Electro respectively, rumors are flying that the multiverse-centric blockbuster holds far more surprises.

Given the return of the second installment villains in their home franchises, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are heavily rumored to be suiting up as Spider-Man once again to team up with Tom Holland's hero.

As July comes to an end, there are under five months to go until No Way Home hits theaters, leaving fans wondering where the long-awaited trailer is.

While Sony, Marvel, and Disney are staying quiet on the multiverse romp, it seems theaters are growing just as impatient as the fans themselves.


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Marvel fans have been highly anticipating the release of the first trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home for a long time. But apparently, they aren't the only ones growing impatient as several theaters have begun using fan-made posters to promote the Tom Holland-led sequel. 

Some eagle-eyed moviegoers shared their discoveries of the fake marketing material on social media. Twitter user @spiderman3news highlighted two particular posters being displayed at Westown Movies and Cinepalace: 

The poster displayed at Westown Movies in Delaware — and on the theater's official website — was created by artist Nuno Sarnadas as a high-quality piece of fan art with no intention for it to be used to trick moviegoers.


While larger chains always operate under strict protocols to ensure only official marketing material is used, it's not uncommon to see smaller theaters used fan-made art, sometimes on purpose but more often in an accidental mishap.

Going back to 2018 as moviegoers prepared for the release of the highly-anticipated Avengers: Infinity War, one theater displayed a fan-made version of the poster that replaced every hero with Hawkeye. Ironically enough, the arrow shooting original Avenger didn't even make it into the blockbuster film as his return was instead saved for the 2019 sequel, Avengers: Endgame

As fans clamor for a taste of Spider-Man: No Way Home, theater owners are desperate to begin marketing what could be the biggest film of the year. Given the anticipation surrounding the sequel as well as its end-of-year release, allowing time for the pandemic to get back under control, the Tom Holland-led flick could be poised to become the highest-grossing film since 2019. 

Given the multiverse-centric plot of No Way Home, it makes sense for Marvel to allow some time for fans to finish watching Loki before beginning marketing. Assuming the film was written with the end of the Disney+ series in mind, the trailer may hold some spoilers for the Tom Hiddleston-led thriller.

With July almost a wrap already, webheads can only hope August will finally be when the promotion of No Way Home gets underway. Loki's newly-introduced multiverse will next be featured in the What If...? animated series that will premiere on August 11

Given the release of its first animated venture is imminent, Marvel will likely be looking to keep the focus on What If...? throughout the middle of August. Based on this, the long-awaited trailer for the Far From Home sequel will probably hit toward the start or end of the month.

Spider-Man: No Way Home will premiere in theaters on December 17, 2021.

Special thanks to @OrXaNcHiK for assisting The Direct on this report. 

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