She-Hulk: Marvel Celebrates Tatiana Maslany’s Birthday With MCU-Themed Cake (Photos)

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She-Hulk Tatiana Maslany Marvel MCU

The latest MCU series to grace Disney+ is none other than She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. As the title would suggest, the show follows attorney Jennifer Walters as she navigates work and Hulk life simultaneously.

Jen is brought to life by her actress, the incomparable Tatiana Maslany. The Orphan Black star portrays Walters in her human form as well as provides the motion capture for when she Hulks out.

Thus far, many fans love her performance as the character and are already calling for Jen to be made a member of the Avengers. And now, Marvel commemorated Maslany’s birthday in a special fashion.

Marvel Reveals She-Hulk Birthday Cake

The official Twitter account for Marvel U.K. posted a look at a special cake made to mark She-Hulk star Tatiana Maslany’s birthday.

The cake perfectly captures She-Hulk’s likeness in fondant.

She-Hulk birthday cake

She’s sitting on top of a giant briefcase, which makes up the actual cake.

She-Hulk birthday cake

The interior of the cake even features the character’s iconic colors of green and purple.

She-Hulk birthday cake

Written in icing on the base of the cake is “Happy Birthday Tatiana Maslany.”

She-Hulk birthday cake

The caption on the Tweet reads:

"A very happy birthday to Tatiana Maslany. Hopefully you catch a break from battling Titania to sit back with a slice of gamma-radiated birthday cake, and the brand new episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law streaming only on Disney Plus."

Birthday Celebrations MCU Style

This is definitely a fun and unique way to celebrate the birthday of the lead of one’s show. It would be interesting to see if Marvel pursues this type of treatment again when another of its star’s special days comes along.

This week’s She-Hulk episode sees Jen celebrating a different kind of occasion at a friend’s wedding. But the festivities are interrupted when villain Titania arrives.

Titania has gradually been making her presence known in the series, having spent much of the show’s first half off-screen. With her super strength that may rival Jen’s, the two are likely heading for an all-out battle in the season’s final episodes.

Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk: Attorney at Law airs exclusively on Disney+ and releases new episodes every Thursday. The next installment is set to arrive on Thursday, September 29.

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