Sebastian Stan’s Next Marvel Movie Receives Filming Start Window

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Sebastian Stan's MCU return was just teased with a report on when his next project, Thunderbolts, will begin filming.

Stan's Winter Soldier has been a key piece of the Marvel Studios journey since the early days of Phase 1, last appearing on Disney+ in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. And while his future after that series was unclear for some time, he was confirmed to be part of the main cast of Thunderbolts at the 2022 D23 Fan Expo, giving him a role alongside other MCU antiheroes as he paves his own path towards redemption.

Following that announcement, Stan shared his excitement to be in the movie in an interview alongside Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Wyatt Russell, calling his new group "a good troubled bunch" while sharing his excitement to "join a team of some sort."

Now, this unique team-up outing got its latest official update as fans learned when the cameras will begin rolling for Marvel's Earth-bound team of misfits.

Thunderbolts Begins Filming Later in 2023

Variety confirmed that Marvel Studios will begin shooting its upcoming Phase 5 film, Thunderbolts, in June 2023, 13 months ahead of its theatrical debut.

This came while the outlet spoke with Valentina Allegra de Fontaine actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus about the time she's spent playing her role since early in Phase 4 of the MCU.

Louis-Dreyfus looked back to her time shooting Black Widow and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, remembering how Marvel had her "go to set wearing a black cloak with a hood" so that she couldn't be seen in costume for secrecy purposes:

"There’s so much secrecy around it. When I first started shooting, I had to go to set wearing a black cloak with a hood and keep my head down so nobody could see it was me walking onto the soundstage."

Sebastian Stan Suiting Up in Summer 2023

This shooting timeframe gives Thunderbolts plenty of time to complete filming before release. With this being one movie that's avoided any delays from Marvel Studios, and with it being the current final movie in Phase 5, the back half of 2023 will be vitally important for Thunderbolts as it looks to bring this team into the MCU for the first time.

With five months remaining until Thunderbolts begins principal photography, there is still plenty of work for Marvel to do with the Phase 5 movie before it gets in front of the camera.

Rumors have teased that Stranger Things star Sadie Sink may be in line for a key supporting role as Songbird, and other reports have indicated that Marvel has its eye on megastar Ryan Gosling to take on the MCU's Sentry and play the movie's main villain.

While Sebastian Stan and his castmates get ready for their next MCU outing, fans continue to wait for new reports with fresh information on how the Multiverse Saga's second Phase of projects will come to a close.

Thunderbolts will begin filming this June ahead of its July 26, 2024 debut in theaters.

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