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Sebastian Stan Is Pumped About Marvel's Captain America 4 Deal With Anthony Mackie

Sebastian Stan, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Captain America
By Richard Nebens

Marvel Studios has plenty of upcoming releases to prepare for over the next few weeks, although the team is constantly getting ready for entries that are much further out in development. As Phase 4 continues to expand, more of these movies and shows are coming to light as the current entries complete their run in theaters and on Disney+.

One of the first examples of this came with Malcolm Spellman's Captain America 4, which was officially confirmed the day the Season 1 finale of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier debuted on Disney+. No story details or release timeframe is known yet, but Marvel is looking to continue the Captain America legacy now that Sam Wilson has taken over the mantle.

A few months after the movie was officially confirmed, Anthony Mackie officially signed a deal to return as the leading character in what will be his eighth MCU outing. After this news, Mackie's longtime co-star shared his excitement for the confirmation.


MCU star Sebastian Stan took to his Instagram Stories to congratulate Anthony Mackie for signing on to play Sam Wilson in Captain America 4. Stan included the Deadline page confirming the news along with the caption "HELL. YES."

Sebastian Stan, Instagram


Sebastian Stan not only boasts one of the longest MCU careers to date, but he has also starred alongside Mackie in five different projects to date in theaters and on Disney+. After the two paired up to lead the way on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in 2021 it's clear that their bonds have grown even stronger through their work together.

With Stan's Bucky Barnes and Mackie's Sam Wilson now having formed a solid partnership together after their last adventure, it will be exciting to see how the two will partner up in future appearances. Although Stan's next run as the Winter Soldier hasn't been confirmed yet, it would come as quite the shock if he's not involved with Captain America 4 in some fashion.

No matter when that news comes, Stan appears genuinely thrilled to see Mackie officially continuing in the role he's built over the past seven years. Captain America's journey going forward is still unclear, but the stage is set for him to play a key role as one of the Avengers' new leaders when they assemble again in Phase 4 or after.

All six episodes of The Falcon ad the Winter Soldier are available to stream on Disney+.