Samuel L. Jackson Joins Chris Hemsworth and 3 Actors In Exclusive MCU Club

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Samuel L. Jackson Marvel Avengers

As marketing for Secret Invasion begins to ramp up, a new listing revealed Samuel L. Jackson's important role off-camera that sets him apart from other MCU stars.

As the series approaches its release, little is still known about Secret Invasion. However, Disney did confirm that it will make history as the MCU's first "crossover event series" on Disney+.

Despite the show being a crossover, Nick Fury is expected to be pushed to the forefront of the show's story. 

Samuel L. Jackson Makes MCU History

Nick Fury in Captain America Winter Soldier

A new listing from Disney+ confirmed that Samuel L. Jackson is one of the executive producers of Secret Invasion

Jackson joins Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, and Oscar Isaac in an exclusive group of MCU actors who have been executive producers on their respective Marvel projects.

In 2021, Johansson became the first MCU actor to serve as an executive producer and lead star in Black Widow

Chris Hemsworth then joined Johansson in the exclusive club when he was credited as an executive producer in Thor: Love and Thunder.

On the small screen, Hiddleston made MCU history when he was credited as an executive producer for Loki

Isaac also received credit as an executive producer for Moon Knight, with the actor admitting that "it was the biggest workload I've ever had" but "even yet, I couldn't wait to get set and work."

Why Samuel L. Jackson's Producer Role Benefits Nick Fury

It is about time that Samuel L. Jackson received a producing credit for an MCU project, considering that the actor has been present since the franchise arrived in 2008's Iron Man.

At this point, it is unknown what exactly is next for the former SHIELD director, but Jackson's major role behind the scenes suggests that he has a say in the future direction of Nick Fury's journey in the MCU.

Moreover, it's possible that unanswered questions about Fury could finally be unraveled in Secret Invasion, giving fans much-needed answers about the MCU character who Tony Stark described as a "man whose secrets have secrets."

Disney officially announced that Secret Invasion will premiere on Disney+ on June 21.

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