Emily Blunt Casts Doubt on Ryan Gosling's Marvel Hopes

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Emily Blunt indicated that Ryan Gosling doesn't want to play a superhero, despite previous comments by the actor.

In July 2022, Gosling revealed that if he were to play a superhero, he'd want to portray Ghost Rider. He was previously rumored to play the MCU's Nova, but he debunked that report.

He doubled down on this idea during the press tour for The Gray Man, directed by the Russo Brothers, saying, "I hope they (the Russos) can manifest this MCU thing… I think that would be cool.”

In the following months, there was a rumor swirling that Gosling could join the MCU as Sentry, but that role has likely now been taken by Steven Yeun.

Emily Blunt Shuts Down Ryan Gosling Superhero Rumors

Ryan Gosling and Ghost Rider

During a recent interview with Josh Horowitz on the Happy Sad Confused podcast that was conducted prior to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, actress Emily Blunt was adamant that Ryan Gosling "doesn't" want to play a superhero.

In a quick back-and-forth conversation about Gosling playing a superhero, Blunt said plainly, "No, he doesn’t. I asked him about it. He doesn’t."

Horowitz explained to her that Gosling previously told him that he was interested in playing Ghost Rider. In response, Blunt said, "He’s such a dork, isn’t he? I’m gonna really have beef with him about that."

Additionally, she added that she felt like the two of them were "wearing it as a badge of honor" for not playing a superhero thus far in their careers.

Will Ryan Gosling Ever Be a Superhero?

Despite Emily Blunt's comments casting doubt on the possibility of Ryan Gosling playing Ghost Rider or any other hero, this in no way confirms that he'll never play a superhero in a comic book movie.

Earlier this year, Gosling's name was even rumored to be involved in the upcoming Fantastic Four film directed by Matt Shakman.

Fantastic Four's biggest question since the announcement is who will play the four iconic heroes, but still, there's been no official castings made.

Unless he has truly closed off the idea, Gosling's idea of being Ghost Rider could still be on the table if Marvel Studios ever wanted to introduce the character.

Ghost Rider was previously portrayed by Nicolas Cage in two Sony Pictures films and Gabriel Luna in ABC's Agents of SHIELD.

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