Ryan Gosling Hopes Avengers Directors Can Manifest His MCU Role

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Ryan Gosling Marvel MCU casting Avengers Endgame

Phase 4 of the MCU has had a wealth of new characters and stories both on Disney+ and the big screen. But now that The Marvels, the last MCU film with a confirmed release date, is a mere year away, new announcements are imminent and expected at San Diego Comic-Con and D23 Expo. While rumors have been swirling around John Krasinski's status as Mr. Fantastic and who will play Wolverine, speculation is now on the rise about Ryan Gosling's potential MCU role.

In addition to being cast as Ken in Greta Gerwig's upcoming 2023 film Barbie, Gosling is also starring in The Gray Man for Netflix which, interestingly enough, was directed by Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo

When doing press for the brothers' latest film, talk of Gosling being cast as Richard Rider was addressed when the actor debunked the Nova rumors and confessed his interest in playing Ghost Rider.

Now, in the wake of that news, The Gray Man star has commented again on the Russo Brothers and his own MCU hopes.

Ryan Gosling Wants His MCU Future Manifested

Ryan Gosling, Marvel

On the heels of Ryan Gosling expressing his ambitions to play the MCU's Ghost Rider, the actor referenced both the Russo Brothers and his role as Ken in Barbie to Extra when confirming his interest in joining the MCU, saying, "I hope they can manifest this MCU thing:"

“I think they felt my Kenergy… They must have felt it before I did… I hope they can manifest this MCU thing… I think that would be cool.”

When asked if the actor is more of a Ken doll or a Gray Man, Gosling admitted that he hopes "there's a balance:"

“I hope there's a balance. And I love doing both of them back-to-back ‘cause I do feel like that Kenergy has always been there. It was good to get it out. But I also feel like Ken would love this movie. I could see a shared universe where the Gray Man finally gets out of being a spy and gets to chill on the couch and gets to watch ‘The Gray Man with Ken.’”

Has Ryan Gosling Already Been Cast in the MCU?

If Andrew Garfield and Spider-Man: No Way Home taught audiences anything, it's that an MCU star's real superpower is deflection, misdirection, and even lying to protect those NDAs and a Marvel casting reveal. 

But even though Gosling's status within the MCU remains to be seen, there are a few things worth noting. 

First of all, unless Gosling is a huge MCU fan, the fact that he knows about the potential plans for Ghost Rider and Nova suggests a conversation has already taken place.

Secondly, several Marvel newcomers have confessed to calling up Marvel directors or fellow actors for insight into joining the MCU and to help them decide to take on a role. If Gosling has been in talks with Marvel Studios, it's likely that he and the Russo Brothers have discussed it. 

Finally, Gosling openly expressing his interest in joining the MCU is a good indication that he has been approached by Marvel Studios. If Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige hasn't approached the star already, after comments like this one, it's safe to say that he will be on the phone soon.

Whether the Russo Brothers have any Marvel-related projects in the works or not is another question fans hope Comic-Con or D23 will answer. And, who knows? Maybe The Gray Man is the only start of the Russo's and Gosling's working relationship. 

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