Is Ryan Gosling Cast as the New Ghost Rider? MCU Movie Rumors Explained

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The Gray Man star Ryan Gosling has long been speculated to be cast as Ghost Rider, but things may not be as they seem. 

Gosling has undeniably been a hot Hollywood commodity as of late. After his headline-grabbing turn as the quintessential himbo Ken in last summer’s mega-hit Barbie, the 43-year-old can likely choose anything he’d like about upcoming projects. But does that include a trip into the MCU?

Ryan Gosling for Ghost Rider? Rumors Explained

Ryan Gosling and artwork of Ghost Rider

Word on the digital street is that Ryan Gosling is in line to take on the role of Marvel’s Brimstone Biker Ghost Rider for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These rumors have sprung up thanks, in part, to a post from user @rejectedscooper on X (formerly Twitter).

They put it simply: “Ryan Gossling will portray Ghost Rider in the MCU.”

Not only that, but another would-be news-breaker, @HolyfieldM5, posted news about this supposed Ghost Rider production:

“Johnny Blaze will make his debut in GHOST RIDER & THE MIDNIGHT SONS film , he will also be lead of the project. Played by a very popular actor.”

Unfortunately, for fans of Ol’ Flame-Head, there is no officially announced Ghost Rider film, TV series, or Special Presentation confirmed to be in development, much less one starring Ryan Gosling as its lead. 

This is something that the Community Notes section corroborated on X, as seen on a post from the account Marvel Updates, which claimed that Gosling’s casting as the Spirit of Vengeance was official:

“Ryan Gosling has not been 'officially cast' as Ghost Rider. Any official announcement would come directly from Marvel and no such announcement has been made.”

In 2022, while debunking speculation that he was playing Nova for the MCU, Ryan Gosling commented that if he had his pick of Marvel characters into which he could breathe cinematic life, he would choose Ghost Rider. This interview is likely why these false scoops are popping up in 2024.

The bike-riding burning man is also far from the only figure from the Red Brand to which fans have speculatively attached Gosling. 

The Fall Guy star was also rumored for Sentry (who will reportedly appear in 2025’s Thunderbolts* played by Lewis Pullman). 

In the multi-year maelstrom that supposedly was the search for the MCU’s Fantastic Four, Gosling’s name was frequently tossed into the mix by scoopers and the like for Reed Richards or Johnny Storm.

Not the MCU’s First Ghost Rider (Depending on Who You Ask)

If these rumors of Ryan Gosling being attached to Ghost Rider were true, he would be the first character to bear the Johnny Blaze mantle.

However, in Agents of SHIELD’s fourth season from late 2016, another Rider made his presence known. Gabriel Luna’s Robbie Reyes and his fiery hell charger lit up the streets to great acclaim in a key run of episodes from SHIELD.

Agents of SHIELD has a somewhat ambiguous standing within the MCU’s established continuity. Many avid viewers submit that the program is indisputably canon to the MCU, while others (as well as official Marvel guidebooks) say otherwise.

While Marvel Studios has yet to issue an authorized determination, it should be noted that it elected to deem the Netflix Marvel series, like Daredevil, part of the MCU’s continuity.

Whatever the case, Ghost Rider’s character is well-tread and well-received ground in live-action. Anyone who accepts the role in the future, be it Ryan Gosling or whoever else, has some big boots to fill.

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