Rosario Dawson Reportedly Won’t Be the Only Ahsoka In Disney+ Show

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Rosario Dawson, Ahsoka Tano, Disney+

Rosario Dawson may not be the only actor portraying Ahsoka in the upcoming Disney+ series of the same name.

After Ashley Eckstein was the voice behind Ahsoka for over a decade in The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, the character's transition to live-action forced Lucasfilm to cast someone else in the role - Rosario Dawson.

The Ahsoka Disney+ series, starring Dawson as the lead, is set to be released sometime in 2023, and will reportedly be one of the most ambitious Star Wars projects to date.

However, recent rumors only fuel that claim, as there may be someone else playing Ahsoka other than Dawson.

Ahsoka Series to Feature Multiple Versions of the Character

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According to a recent rumor from Making Star Wars, Lucasfilm is casting multiple actors alongside Rosario Dawson to portray Ahsoka Tano at different ages in the upcoming Ahsoka series.

The report specifically states that a younger version of Ahsoka will be present at some point during the show, and will not be played by Dawson, or Ashley Eckstein, who voiced the animated take on the character. 

This Ahsoka will reportedly be in her late teens, and seeing as how she was 17 years old during Order 66, this version could possibly be seen in moments right after the end of The Clone Wars.

The report also suggested that another actor will portray an older Ahsoka from a time period between The Clone Wars and the Disney+ series.

However, it also stated that Dawson's Ahsoka would still be the main character throughout the show and that the younger and older versions would only show up briefly.

Why Feature Ahsoka at Different Ages?

Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni set out with the goal of making Star Wars connected on an even deeper level than it was before. The Mandalorian was the first project that the two tackled together and they found a way to interweave that story into The Book of Boba Fett.

Dawson's Ahsoka made an appearance in both of those series, so her own show will be able to hit the ground running when it releases on Disney+.

As a character, Ahsoka has had a rich history and has lived through some of the most grueling times the galaxy has ever seen. She experienced the Clone Wars, Order 66, and even the tyranny of the Empire.

Due to her past, she is the connective tissue between a lot of characters and events that have taken place in the Star Wars canon.

Since these events and interactions have taken place at many different points throughout her life, it would not make sense for the series to feature a scene during the Clone Wars with Dawson portraying the character. A younger actor would be needed.

Ahsoka played a big role in the Clone Wars, and also during the rise of the Empire. She gained a lot of knowledge and wisdom through her experiences, and it is likely that she will reflect on her past in order to get through the conflict ahead.

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