Robert Downey Jr. Dyes His Hair Blue (Photos)

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Robert Downey Jr, blue hair

Almost nobody is more synonymous with the MCU than Robert Downey Jr., who helped bring the franchise to life in 2008 with his performance as Tony Stark/Iron Man. He was not only the leading character in his own franchise but also the top-billed actor of all four Avengers movies and the entire Infinity Saga as a whole. That was until Tony met his tragic end in 2019's Avengers: Endgame.

Since leaving the MCU three years ago, Downey hasn't slowed down for a moment with his acting career, remaining an important figure in the entertainment industry on a regular basis. He's already set to serve as an executive producer on two different Sherlock Holmes spin-off shows for HBO Max, and he's part of Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer as well, which features one of the biggest casts of any movie in recent memory.

Outside his work in movies, Downey now has the opportunity to enjoy more of his everyday life, particularly after he and his wife Susan welcomed their son Exton Elias Downey into the world. Now, in his latest social media post, the MCU icon shared a fun new look that he's taken on off-camera.

Iron Man Actor Unveils New Blue Hairdo

Robert Downey Jr Blue Hair

MCU star Robert Downey Jr. took to Twitter to share a selfie that showed him with a new look after dying his hair completely blue. He's seen on a baseball field next to his wife Susan as they soak up the sun together in Southern California:

Robert Downey Jr, Twitter

He also shared a video celebrating his son's Malibu Little League Baseball team winning their AAA championship, thanking the coaching staff and enjoying the moment with his family:

"Congrats are in order for the Malibu Little League 2022 AAA champs! Big thanks to Coach Alfano, Coach Sullivan and Coach Mark. Dodgers brought the heat!!!


RDJ Having Fun with His Hairstyling

Robert Downey Jr. is known to share updates on how much he's enjoying life, whether it be his new business ventures or simply enjoying a laugh with his old MCU co-stars. This new blue hairdo seems to fit in perfectly with that vibe, and regardless of the reasoning behind it, he's sure to turn some heads as he makes some bold choices with his recognizable look.

Downey could have simply done this for fun during a break from his filming schedule, as he's likely finished shooting Oppenheimer, or close to it, and doesn't have anything else on his public filming schedule at the moment. Considering his personality and his work ethic, he's more than free to take this kind of liberty with his hair as he enjoys the life of a Hollywood icon.

Any post like this will also have MCU fans wondering if and when he will return to his most famous role as Tony Stark as well, especially having been away from the MCU since the end of Phase 3. Marvel already utilized another actor for the role in Season 1 of What If...?, and even though rumors have teased a potential comeback for Downey recently, it remains to be seen whether the man behind Iron Man is itching to return to his fan-favorite role.

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