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Renegade Nell

In a recent interview, Renegade Nell director and executive producer Ben Taylor offered some insight into the possibility of a second season.

All eight episodes of Renegade Nell's first season hit Disney+ on March 29. By the next day, the show had a 79% Tomatometer rating on Rotten Tomatoes from reviewers and an 84% Audience Score.

The series features the likes of Louisa Harland, Joely Richardson, Adrian Lester, and Nick Mohammed, and it was written by Sally Wainwright.

Could Renegade Nell Have a Season 2?

Louisa Harland in Renegade Season 2 episode 8 finale

Speaking to Radio Times, Renegade Nell director and executive producer Ben Taylor revealed that a "possible" Season 2 of the show is currently being written, including a "time jump" from the end of Season 1.

It is important to note that when Taylor says "possible second series," he is using the British definition of "series," referring to a single season rather than an entire show.

He told Radio Times that the team is currently "in the process of writing a possible second series," and looking to "figure out" what would make up a "2.0 version" of the first season:

"We're now in the process of writing a possible second series, so, you're able to take stock and figure out what would be, sort of, this, like, the 2.0 version and focus on the stuff that was really working, and do more of that."

He went on to reveal that there would be "a time jump," as some characters "are going to be visibly two years older" when Season 2 theoretically films that they were for Season 1:

"I'm being stared at in the darkness. I know I can't really say anything. I think... There's going to be a time jump because of the time between, because we shot this [Season 1] over a year ago. So I think it's buying that, and buying the thought that it's been that many years since we caught up with these characters — partly just for the age of, like, Roxy and George are going to be visibly two years older."

He then teased a little about what to expect from this "possible" Season 2, saying that "the jumping off point" is "about where we leave the characters," adding that "there's some crazy, crazy stuff that is in store:"

"It's about where we leave the characters and what powers they have or don't have by the end of series one, is sort of informing the jumping off point for series two. ... I wish I could tell you, but there's some crazy, crazy stuff that is in store."

Who From The Cast Might Return For Season 2?

Renegade Nell cast members Frank Dillane, Joely Richardson, and Enyi Okoronkwo spoke to Jonatan Blomberg from MovieZine about their own hopes for a potential second season.

The actors said that they "don't know yet" if Season 2 is happening, but all agreed they are "up for it" if it does happen:

Dillane: "We don't know yet, do we? Do we know?"

Okoronkwo: "No, we don't know."

Dillane: "We don't know."

Richardson: "I, for one, would be up for it if there was a second season. Would you two? Or are you being cool, calm, and collected?"

Dillane: "I'm always cool, calm, and collected."

Okoronkwo: "I'm both. I'm both cool, calm, and collected, and up for it."

Dillane: "Absolutely, yeah."

Richardson said that "it would be amazing" if a Season 2 did happen, but that it's "in the hands of the whatever's around us:"

Richardson: "It was a really great team, great actors. If it were to go again, it would be amazing."

Okoronkwo: "It would be so lovely."

Richardson: "But that's in the hands of the whatever's around us."

How Likely Is Renegade Nell Season 2?

The fact that writing on a "possible" Season 2 has already begun is a promising sign for fans hoping alongside the cast that the show continues.

Of course, reception to Renegade Nell's first season will likely play a major role in determining if that happens or not. It is hard to speculate that at this point, though, since the show only released on March 29.

Early reviews and ratings indicate a relatively positive reception overall. However, the earlier-mentioned Rotten Tomatoes aggregations of 79% and 84% of reviews being positive are based on just 19 critics, and fewer than 50 audience members, respectively.

As Renegade Nell's audience grows, it will likely become easier to gauge how probably a second season truly is.

The first season of Renegade Nell is available to stream in its entirety on Disney+.

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