Full Cast of Red Queen TV Series on Amazon Prime - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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Hovik Keuchkerian as Jon Gutiérrez, Vicky Luengo as Antonia Scott, and Alex Brendemühl in Red Queen

Amazon Prime Video has a brand-new hit series called Red Queen, featuring a thrilling cast of actors playing exciting characters.

Known in Spanish as Reina Roja, Red Queen centers on an intellectually gifted woman who runs a secret experimental police project in Europe before having everything backfire and put her in serious trouble.

This woman's organization deals with other cases involving kidnapping and brutal murder in Spain and across the rest of the continent.

Red Queen hit Amazon Prime on February 29 with all seven episodes streaming simultaneously.

Meet the Cast Members of Red Queen

Vicky Luengo - Antonia Scott

Vicky Luengo as Antonia Scott in Red Queen
Vicky Luengo

Vicky Luengo takes the leading role of Antonia Scott, who is regarded as the smartest person on the planet with an IQ of 242 and previously ran a secret and experimental police project as its "Red Queen."

She's brought back into the police force to investigate a string of brutal murders, but with the way her brain works, she also has terrifying visions that force her to take a mysterious red pill which calms her down.

Luengo can also be seen in Antidisturbios, Suro, Born, and Chavalas.

Hovik Keuchkerian - Jon Gutiérrez

Hovik Keuchkerian as Jon Gutiérrez in Red Queen
Hovik Keuchkerian

Hovik Keuchkerian's Jon Gutiérrez is a police officer who starts off by getting arrested in his own station before being brought into the investigation in exchange for having his record cleaned up.

Said to love lost causes, Gutiérrez regularly shows how much he cares about people and puts forth his best effort to find justice and the truth while helping people like Scott get through life safely.

Along with a role in the 2016 movie adaptation of the Assassin's Creed video game, Keuchkerian also has credits in Scorpion in Love, Antidisturbios, and Un Amor.

Celia Freijeiro - Carla Ortiz

Celia Freijeiro as Carla Ortiz in Red Queen
Celia Freijeiro

Celia Freijeiro's Carla Ortiz holds a high position in her father's fashion company, which she is trying to save from going out of business as the show starts.

While also working as hard as she can to stay connected with her own family, her work takes her to dangerous places as she is kidnapped and drugged after seeing her prize racehorse murdered.

The biggest credit on Freijeiro's resume is Netflix's Bird Box spin-off, Bird Box: Barcelona. She can also be seen in Vida Perfecta, Cuentas divinas, and All Is Silence.

Jose Ángel Egido - Ramón Ortiz

Jose Ángel Egido as Ramón Ortiz in Red Queen
Jose Ángel Egido

Jose Ángel Egido portrays Carla's father, Ramón Ortiz, who runs the fashion company about to close.

He does everything he can to teach his daughter how to run a business while preparing her the best he can for life.

Egido is known for his roles in Mondays in the Sun, Open Your Eyes, El mal ajeno, and Everybody Knows.

Karmele Larrinaga - Martixu

Karmele Larrinaga as Martixu in Red Queen
Karmele Larrinaga

Fans get a look into Gutiérrez's home life upon meeting his slightly elderly mother, Karmele Larrinaga's Martixu.

Although she has a slight addiction to sleep medication, Martixu cares deeply for her son and shows him plenty of affection, asking if he is seeing anybody and hoping he is happy.

Credits on Larrinaga's resume include Go!azen, The Bastards Fig Tree, Ane Is Missing, and El bus de la vida.

Alex Brendemühl - Mentor

Alex Brendemühl as Mentor in Red Queen
Alex Brendemühl

Alex Brendemühl's Mentor plays a key supporting role in Red Queen, working with Gutiérrez as the head of the organization as he looks to reunite with Scott to work on the case at hand.

Known for cleaning up after the rich and wealthy, Mentor tells Gutiérrez he can get him out of his own mess in exchange for services rendered, not leaving the detective a choice as he does whatever is necessary to reach his goals.

Brendemühl can be seen in The Prayer, From the Land of the Moon, The German Doctor, and Las horas del día.

Andrea Trepat - Sandra

Andrea Trepat as Sandra in Red Queen
Andrea Trepat

Andrea Trepat plays an important role as Sandra in this series, later revealed as the villainous Ezequiel - the mastermind behind the kidnappings and abductions.

Acting like a prophet of God, she assumes the identity of Fajardo's daughter and is taken hostage at first, seeking revenge against her father for mistreatment and justice against the other millionaires she targeted.

Trepat can be seen in Mar del plástico, The Misfits Club, Amar en tiempos revueltos, and Gran Hotel.

Nacho Fresneda - Fajardo/Ezequiel

Nacho Fresneda as Fajardo/Ezequiel in Red Queen
Nacho Fresneda

Nacho Fresneda takes on a terrifying role in Red Queen as Fajardo, first known as Ezequiel. His M.O. targets first-born children of millionaires as he tries to send a message to the parents in a plot for revenge.

He seeks to inflict as much pain as possible, believing the parents will be more hurt seeing their children go through pain; he uses dungeons and torture to put his victims through unspeakable horrors.

Fresneda boasts credits in The Ministry of Time, Hospital Central, The Silence of the Marsh, and Isabel.

Vicenta N’Dongo - Doctora Aguado

Vicenta N’Dongo as Doctora Aguado in Red Queen
Vicenta N’Dongo

Introduced early in the series is Vincenta N'Dongo's Doctora Aguado, a forensic scientist with the Red Queen agency working on a murder case when she meets Antonia.

She also helps analyze security footage for the leading detectives as they search for the driver of a certain car driving in and out of La Finca.

Other characters played by N'Dongo can be seen in El la cuidad, V.O.S., The Messiah, and Los lobos de Washington.

Pere Brasó - Bruno Lejarreta

Pere Brasó as Bruno Lejarreta in Red Queen
Pere Brasó

Pere Brasó first comes into play in Episode 3 as Bruno Learreta, who asks around about Ramón Ortiz as he investigates the disappearance of Carla Ortiz.

He's also seen tracking down Scott and Gutiérrez as they try to solve the mystery of the abductions and killings themselves, videotaping Antonia as armed guards take her away.

Fans can see Brasó play other roles in The Body, The Invisible Guest, Money Heist, and The Last Days.

Emma Suárez - Laura Trueba

Emma Suárez as Laura Trueba in Red Queen
Emma Suárez

Emma Suárez's Laura Trueba is another wealthy millionaire who winds up becoming a target, known for her work running a bank in Red Queen.

Sadly, she hides what she knows about the investigation from Scott, leading to terrible consequences as her son is killed.

Fans can also see Suárez in Julieta, The Mosquito Net, The Next Skin, and The Red Squirrel.

Fernando Guallar - Guarda Jurado Tomás

Fernando Guallar as Guarda Jurado Tomás in Red Queen
Fernando Guallar

Fernando Guallar plays a La Finca security officer named Jurado Tomás, whom Gutiérrez pushes to give him information about the murder and kidnapping investigation.

He gives Gutiérrez and Scott information about car license plates he saw at a recent party, although it takes a scolding from Gutiérrez to get the information out of him. This included outing that he was gay after finding him on a dating app.

Outside of Red Queen, Guallar is part of the casts of My Heart Goes Boom!, Postcards, La ternura, and Luis Miguel: The Series.

Eduardo Noriega - Jaume Soler

Eduardo Noriega as Jaume Soler in Red Queen
Eduardo Noriega

Eduardo Noriega first arrives in Episode 4 as Jaume Solar, who delivers a message to Scott in a flashback as he references her place in the ranks of Red Queen.

He warns Scott that she's in danger of being killed, even introducing himself as her executioner as he makes her afraid of what's coming for her and the organization.

Noriega's past credits include Vantage Point, The Last Stand, Open Your Eyes, and Transsiberian.

Urko Olazábal - Inspector Parra

Urko Olazábal as Inspector Parra in Red Queen
Urko Olazábal

Urko Olazábal plays a minor role in Red Queen as Inspector Parra, who assists Scott with some leads on the villainous Ezequiel.

However, he's shown as being tough to work with, not being as free with helpful information on the case as the two leading characters would prefer him to be.

Fans can also see Olazábal in Anujin, Maixabel, Mithyabadi, and Wrath.

Selam Ortega - Ladybug

Selam Ortega as Ladybug in Red Queen
Selam Ortega

Selam Ortega portrays a small role as Ladybug, a tattoo artist who tells Scott and Gutíerrez about her and her father's work as they ask about a tattoo they saw on a potential suspect.

She also helps run the tattoo studio after her father suffered a stroke, and she gravitates toward the detectives after seeing Scott speak to her father through special methods and gain his help on the case.

Ortega's other biggest credits come in  Reinas sin rein, Madres. Amor y vida, and Gastón (Un actor de mierda).

All seven episodes of Red Queen are streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

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