Full Cast of Bosch: Legacy Season 2 - Every Main Actor & Character In New Episodes (Photos)

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Bosch: Legacy Season 2 cast

Bosch: Legacy Season 2 returns with a strong cast led by Agents of SHIELD alum Titus Welliver. 

The hit spin-off series of Bosch from Amazon Prime Video brings back Titus Welliver's Harry Bosch as he is set to do whatever it takes to find his daughter, Maddie, after being kidnapped in the Season 1 finale. 

Season 2 is based on Michael Connelly's The Crossing, and the show's first four episodes made its debut on Amazon Freevee on October 20, with two episodes being released weekly after. 

Every Main Actor & Character in Bosch: Legacy Season 2 

Titus Welliver - Harry Bosch

Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch
Titus Welliver

Titus Welliver's Harry Bosch is at the center of the events of Bosch: Legacy Season 2. After his retirement from being a cop, the spin-off show features Harry as a private investigator working for Honey Chandler. 

Season 1 ends with Harry's daughter, Maddie, being kidnapped by an unknown assailant, and it is up to him and his resources to get her back. Season 2 is expected to push his search for his daughter to the forefront while also unearthing his past which could lead to the emergence of dangerous enemies.

Welliver previously appeared as SHIELD agent Felix Blake in Agents of SHIELD alongside Clark Gregg's Agent Coulson. Aside from his Marvel stint, the actor is also known for his role as Lex Luthor in the recently-concluded Titans.

Mimi Rogers - Honey Chandler

Mimi Rogers as Honey Chandler
Mimi Rogers

Honey Chandlers (played by Mimi Rogers) is Harry Bosch's boss and former rival in the Bosch series. 

As a defense attorney, Honey served as Harry's nemesis in the courtroom where she defends those criminals who he knew were guilty of the crime that they committed. 

Fast forward to the spin-off, Honey and Harry set aside their difference to work together to bring their own brand of justice. 

Rogers has over 100 credits to her name, which include the likes of Ginger Snaps, Lost in Space, Big Nothing, and NCIS.

Madison Lintz - Maddie Bosch

Madison Lintz as Maddie Bosch
Madison Lintz

Madison Lintz brings Maddie Bosch to life in Bosch: Legacy Season 2. 

The character is Harry's daughter who was kidnapped by one of his father's enemies. Similar to Harry, Maddie also becomes a cop.

At the end of Season 2 Episode 1, it was revealed that Maddie is buried somewhere in the desert, which spells bad news for Harry. 

The Walking Dead fans may recognize Lintz for her role as Sophia. The actress' other credits include Parental Guidance, Nashville, and After

Denise Sanchez - Det. Reina Vasquez

Denise Sanchez
Denise Sanchez

Portayed on-screen by Denise Sanchez, Det. Reina Vasquez serves as Maddie's strict yet dependable training officer in the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). 

Vasquez ultimately became Maddie's mentor, and she worked together with her to uncover a case centered around the screen cutter. 

Sanchez's most notable credits include The Good Place, Mayans M.C., and General Hospital.

Stephen A. Chang - Mo Bassi

Stephen A. Chang as Mo Bassi
Stephen A. Chang

Stephen A. Chang's Bosch: Legacy character is Mo Bassi. The character serves as Harry's guy on the chair, a.k.a. the tech expert of the team. 

Mo and Harry bond over their love for jazz during their downtime. 

The Last of Us fans may recognize Chang's voice due to his role as Jesse in The Last of Us Part II. The actor appeared in Shameless, Hawaii Five-O, and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Alex Loynaz - Matthew Ramirez

Alex Loynaz
Alex Loynaz

Alex Loynaz joins the cast of Bosch: Legacy as Matthew Ramirez. The character is an FBI agent who works with Honey Chandler, and he appeared in Episode 3.

Loynaz is best known for his work in 911, Pedro, and Mondo Hollywoodland.

David Moses - Marty Rose

David Moses as Marty Rose
David Moses

Marty Rose (played by David Moses) is Honey Chandler's former law professor. Honey is now working under his firm, Rose & Associates, in Bosch: Legacy.

Moses is known for his work on The Roommates, Scared to Death, and The Powers of Matthew Star.

Cynthia Kaye McWilliams - Det. Joan Bennett

Cynthia Kaye McWilliams
Cynthia Kaye McWilliams

Cynthia Kaye McWilliams returns as Det. Joan Bennett in Bosch: Legacy after serving as a guest star in several seasons of Bosch

The character works under the arson squad of the Robbery Homicide Division. 

McWilliams previously appeared in Coyote, Prince of Peoria, and Average Joe.

Scott Klace - Sgt. John Mankiewicz

Scott Klace as Sgt. John Mankiewicz
Scott Klace

Scott Klace portrays Sgt. John Mankiewicz. 

He is a close ally of Harry Bosch and helps him in his search for his daughter in Season 2. The character is one of the notable comebacks from the original series, Bosch

Klace's notable roles include Pursuit of Happyness, Deja Vu, and The Onion Movie.

Jaqueline Pinol - Det. Julie Espinosa

Jaqueline Pinol
Jaqueline Pinol

Det. Julie Espinosa (played by Jaqueline Pinol) is one of the detectives assigned to investigate Maddie's disappearance. 

Espinosa is a detective under the Robbery-Homicide Division of the LAPD and is a returning character from the original Bosch series. 

Marvel fans may recognize her as the voice of Rio Morales in the PlayStation Spider-Man video game series. 

Jacqueline Obradors - Christine Vega

Jacqueline Obradors as Christine Vega
Jacqueline Obradors 

Jacqueline Obradors' Christine Vega, a detective in the LAPD who works under Lieutenant Grace Billets in the Hollywood Homicide Squad. 

Obradors is known for her roles in Palm Springs, NYPD Blue, and Six Days Seven Nights.

DaJuan Johnson - Rondell Pierce

DaJuan Johnson as Rondell Pierce
DaJuan Johnson

Rondell Pierce is Christine Vega's partner in the LAPD, and he is played by DaJuan Johnson. 

Johnson previously appeared as Garrett Boland in Grey's Anatomy, Office Pike in Agent Carter, and Carl in Quarantine

David Marciano - Det. Brad Conniff

David Marciano as Det. Brad Conniff
David Marciano

Detective Brad Conniff (played by David Marciano) is Julie Espinosa's partner who is also assigned to the case of Maddie's disappearance. He works with Harry Bosch to help track down the kidnapper.

Marciano is known for his work on The Shield, Due South, and Homeland.

Jamie Hector - Jerry Edgar

Jamie Hector as Jerry Edgar
Jamie Hector

Jamie Hector plays Detective Jerry Edgar, Detective Bennett's partner and the one who reassures Harry Bosch that they will do everything in their power to find his daughter. 

Hector's notable acting credits include Max Payne, Vacation Friends 2, and Queen of the South

Troy Evans - Barrel Johnson

Troy Evans as Barrel Johnson
Troy Evans

Barrel Johnson (portrayed by Troy Evans) is a former investigator under LAPD's Robbery-Homicide Division. 

It was revealed in Bosch: Legacy that he is already retired alongside his partner.

Evans has over 160 credits to his name, which includes the likes of Under Siege, Demolition Man, and Dirty Lies.

Gregory Scott Cummins - Detective Robert “Crate” Moore

George Scott Cummins as Detective Robert “Crate” Moore
George Scott Cummins

Gregory Scott Cummins' Detective Robert “Crate” Moore is Barrel Johnson's partner and they worked together in the past under LAPD's Robbery-Homicide Division. 

In Season 1, Harry recruited Moore and Johnson to help with the surveillance of Carl Rogers and his goons.

Cummins is known for his appearances in Cliffhanger, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Last of the Dogmen.

Anthony Michael Hall - Special Agent Will Barron

Anthony Michael Hall
Anthony Michael Hall

Anthony Michael Hall plays Special Agent Will Barron, a supervising officer from the FBI who sent his agents to Honey Chandler's house to learn more about the case of Carl Rogers.

Hall is known for his work on War Machine, The Dark Knight, and Foxcatcher.

Max Martini - Don Ellis

Max Martini as Don Ellis
Max Martini

Max Martini's Don Ellis is a former detective from the LAPD who was killed by Nancy Mendenhall when he tried to murder Harry Bosch. 

Martini previously appeared in The Channel, Tender Bar, and 13 Hours.

David Denman - Kurt Dockweiler

David Denman
David Denman

David Denman's Kurt Dockweiler is the suspect behind Maddie's disappearance. 

The character abducted her by using chloroform and sedatives. He even buried Maddie somewhere in the desert while also threatening the cops and Harry that they would not help them find her if they didn't agree with his demands.

Denman is best known for his roles in Mare of Easttown, Brightburn, Puzzle, and The Equalizer 3.

Patrick Brennan - David Foster

Patrick Brennan
Patrick Brennan

David Foster is Honey Chandler's former client who was arrested for the murder of the wife of a sheriff's deputy in Episode 3. The character is played by Patrick Brennan. 

Brennan's notable acting credits include Blonde, Captain Marvel, Blonde, and National Treasure: Edge of History.

Rafael Cabrera - Vince Harrick

Rafael Cabrera
Rafael Cabrera

Rafael Cabrera's Vince Harrick is a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff and Lexi Park's husband. 

Cabrera's previous acting credits include The Morning Show, Animal Kingdom, and Average Joe.

Bruce Davison - James Rafferty

Bruce Davison
Bruce Davison

James Rafferty (played by Bruce Davison) is Kurt Dockweiler's attorney who appeared in Episode 2. 

Rafferty was concerned that his client was unwilling to share details about Maddie's abduction, prompting him to urge District Attorney Emmett Archer not to waste time with plea deals since the young police officer was in danger.

Marvel fans may recognize Davison for playing Senator Kelly in 2000's X-Men. The actor's other credits include 1923, Ozark, and Longtime Companion.

Jessica Camacho - Jade Quinn

Jessica Camacho
Jessica Camacho

The Flash alum Jessica Camacho plays a character named Jade Quinn in Bosch: Legacy Season 2. 

Arrowverse fans may know Camacho for her role as Gypsy in CW's The Flash. The actress also appeared in All Rise, Watchmen, and Taken

Guy Wilson - Kevin Long

Guy Wilson
Guy Wilson 

Kevin Long (played by Guy Wilson) is Don Ellis' former partner in the LAPD. 

Guy Wilson's past notable appearances include Breaking Bad, Bloodbath, and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Eric Ladin - Scott Anderson

Eric Ladin
Eric Ladin

Eric Ladin plays Scott Anderson, a reporter from the Los Angeles Times.

After writing a puff piece about Harry Bosch and falsely accusing him of corruption, the pair's relationship was strained ever since.

Ladin is known for his work on Ozark, The Killing, and The Right Stuff.

Bosch: Legacy Season 2 is now streaming on Amazon Freevee and Amazon Prime Video.

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