Reacher Star Reacts to His Heartbreaking On-Screen Death In Season 2

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Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher in Reacher season 2

After seeing his character face a heartbreaking death in Reacher Season 2, the actor behind the moment responded on social media.

Following a record-breaking debut run on Amazon Prime Video, Reacher Season 2 only brought back a couple of major cast members for its new episodes in 2023 and 2024.

With Jack Reacher star Alan Ritchson and Frances Neagley actress Maria Sten leading the way, they and their new co-stars came into Season 2 full steam ahead with plenty of death and destruction in their path from the get-go.

Reacher Star Reacts to Season 2 Death Scene

Warning - the rest of this article contains spoilers for Reacher Season 2, Episode 6.

Guy Russo, Reacher Season 2
Amazon Prime Video

Reacher Season 2 star Domenick Lombardozzi took to social media to react to the death of his Detective Guy Russo in Episode 6.

In the latest episode of Reacher Season 2, Detective Russo was tasked with protecting former New Age director Marlo Burns' young daughter, although a team of shooters took him out with multiple gunshot wounds to the chest.

Reacher Season 2, Guy Russo

Responding on X to a fan who said his death scene brought tears, Lombardozzi shared how much fun he had playing the role in Reacher:

"Had so much fun playing this character, it was a great ride. Thanks Rob"

Another fan called Lombardozzi's work in Reacher their favorite after watching the actor for decades, leading the actor to thank the fan for their support:

"Appreciate it TJ, thanks, Happy to know you’re enjoying"

Responding to a fan who commented on Lombardozzi playing "an epic character" in Reacher who they're going to miss, the actor simply responded, "It was fun!"

Lonbardozzi also took to Instagram to share several pictures of himself with the Reacher cast and crew, thanking show creator Nick Santora for creating his character and sharing his hope that fans enjoy the show:

"An absolute pleasure working with is cast and crew. Big thank you to Nick Santora for creating Russo. Hope you all enjoyed the journey in season 2."

Where Will Reacher Season 2 Go From Here?

While Reacher Season 2 featured plenty of death and heartbreak, particularly with Reacher and his team mourning the loss of their comrades, Guy Russo's death marks the first one the team has had to process during these new episodes.

But with plenty of drama still left to reveal itself as the conspiracy behind New Age Technologies becomes clearer, the core group of soldiers still has plenty of issues left to tackle as a unit.

Fans continue to see Reacher's relationships (particularly his bond with Karla Dixon) get stronger throughout the season, leading many to wonder if he's in for a major betrayal before learning the truth about his teammates' deaths.

However, with only two episodes left until this season comes to a head, Reacher and his team will surely do everything in their power to make sure that Russo did not die in vain as part of their new mission.

The first six episodes of Reacher Season 2 are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Episode 7 will premiere at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on Thursday, January 11.

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