Serinda Swan Reveals the 1 Thing Karla Dixon Wants from Jack Reacher In Season 2

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According to Reacher Season 2 star Serinda Swan, her character, Karla Dixon, wants one specific thing from the Prime Video series' leading character.

Swan joined the cast of Reacher Season 2 in the intriguing role of Karla Dixon, a member of Reacher's 110th Special Investigators unit who becomes a romantic interest to Alan Ritchson's leading hero.

While their relationship in the first four episodes hasn't necessarily been much more than physical, the two have an unspoken understanding with one another regarding Reacher's lone-wolf/wanderer status and his insistence on not being tied down.

What Does Serinda Swan's Karla Dixon Want from Reacher?

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Reacher Season 2 star Serinda Swan revealed one thing her character wants from Alan Ritchson's Jack Reacher in a new interview.

Speaking with Jana on Camera, Swan discussed the sense of heart she brings to her character and the relationship with Reacher, calling it "a testament to the entire cast" that everybody gets along so well.

The challenge for her was to not make Ritchson laugh during their scenes together, although she admitted her goal of "[cracking] Reacher a little bit" when she could:

"I think with any actor, you sit down and you have a conversation about your characters and how they feel. It’s a professional situation, so you sit there and you go 'Ok, what do our two characters feel about each other and how do we make this come together?' I think, as a testament to the entire cast, we get along really well and we joke really well, and I think sometimes…It was funny, we’d have the director be like 'Ok, but Reacher, you can’t be funny, or you can’t have that much emotion, you have to pull it down,' and that was actually my goal as Karla was to kind of crack Reacher a little bit."

Noting Karla's ability to "be present with [Reacher] and not want to change him" from who he is, she explained that the only thing she truly wants from him is "to connect at this one point in her life" while they have the opportunity:

"Obviously, he wouldn’t show it, but I think that might be what you’re picking up on is the heart, her ability to be present with him and not want to change him and not want to make him become anything different, but just be really present with who he is. He’s this little wandering vagabond with a toothbrush, not that little, but in the sense of this dude that just wanders, and I think she doesn’t want anything from him other than to connect at this one point in her life. So I appreciate that, I’m glad that that came through."

What's Next for Karla & Reacher In Season 2?

Through the first half of Reacher Season 2, Reacher and Karla's relationship has steadily evolved through each episode, with the two almost instantly taking their bonds to new levels once they reunited in Episode 2.

While Swan made it clear that her character doesn't want to change Reacher into something he's not, it's clear that she wants some level of connection with him as they work so closely together.

Fans can already see the attraction between them growing after they saw each other in some fancier attire in Episode 4, with the last four episodes sure to build the tension between them even further.

And with both characters being so in sync with one another professionally and personally, Karla will certainly prove to be a more than valuable asset in taking down the show's ultimate antagonists alongside her six-foot-five-inch former commanding officer.

Episode 5 of Reacher Season 2 will begin streaming on Amazon Prime Video on Thursday, December 28, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.

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